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The Wilds Season 3 Not happening as show is officially cancelled

Fans of Prime Video’s The Wilds spent a significant amount of time binge-watching the whole second season once it was eventually made available on the platform in May, and they are now looking forward to the possibility of a third season being produced. Even members of the cast of The Wilds have chimed in to express their desire for the show to return for a third season.

As a quick refresher, the second season picked off just where the first one left off, with the continuing saga of a group of young women who find themselves marooned on an island after a plane accident. Nevertheless, as was foreshadowed after the first season, the second season introduced us to the second set of lads who were also stranded and were being observed as part of the complex sociological experiment.

The unfortunate news is that there will not be a season 3 of The Wilds. Variety and Deadline have both claimed that the program has been canceled by Amazon Prime Video after two seasons. The cosmopolitan UK has also contacted out for comment on the matter. Unfortunately, the actors were just as interested in producing a third season as we were. Zack Calderon, who portrays Rafael, expressed his excitement at the prospect of a further installment in an interview with People.

In the meanwhile, the actress Sophia Ali, who portrays Fatin, discussed what she would want to see happen to the characters. Specifically, she said that she would like to see the boys’ and girls’ groups mixing. The Wilds will no longer be available on Prime Video: According to TVLine’s reporting, the young adult survivalist drama on the streaming service has been canceled after two seasons.

The second season, which premiered on May 6, follows two distinct accounts of people trying to survive. While the adolescent girls whose aircraft crashed in the ocean in the first season proceeded to adjust to their position, a fresh crop of characters in the project mastermind Gretchen’s all-male control group started their survivalist adventure on their island before they were “rescued.”

The Wilds Season 3 Not happening as show is officially cancelled


After Leah sent a message to her friend Ian, who subsequently informed the FBI, the last scene of the show saw the two groups finally meeting face to face at Gretchen’s facility. Gretchen had already abandoned the grounds before the event. Gretchen, on the other hand, assuaged her colleagues’ concerns by assuring them that the experiment would continue, although with a new control group for Phase 3 and with her running things remotely with the assistance of someone already present.

While this was going on, Leah and both sets of teenagers made their way to the rooftop of the facility, where they found out that they are still stranded on an island. And maybe even more troubling is the fact that Seth is still alive, since he is there with them at the facility, and is playing “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode on the loudspeakers.

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