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HGTV’s decisions regarding Ugliest House In America Season 3

HGTV has placed an order for the third season of Ugliest House in America, which will consist of six episodes and will continue to be hosted by Retta. The debut is scheduled for the beginning of 2023.


The second season of the series, which began airing on July 24 and attracted more than 16 million people during its first run, will follow Retta as she travels over an extended tour of five different locations in the United States. According to HGTV, each episode will record her entertaining walkthroughs and LOL comments on unattractive houses that have been nominated by homeowners who feel that their location is one of the worst in the nation. 


After all, is said and done, HGTV personality Alison Victoria will transform the “ugliest home” with a spectacular remodel that costs $150,000. This swift renewal serves as a vote of confidence in Retta and the series, which just began airing the second season on July 24. Retta, a veteran of the standup comedy scene, rose to fame as a breakthrough star on the NBC comedy series “Parks and Recreation” from 2009 to 2015. The series starred Amy Poehler.


“Ugliest House in America: Ugly in Paradise” is the name given to the second season of the mercy mission for residents that need rehabilitation. Through the 14th of August, viewers may watch the series on HGTV in linear broadcast and on Discovery+ in streaming format on Sundays at 8:00 and 8:30 PM ET. Additionally, the first season may be seen in its entirety on Discovery+.


HGTV's decisions regarding Ugliest House In America Season 3


This year, the most watched series on HGTV has been “Ugliest House in America,” which won the competition. The series now has a rating of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb’s user approval scale. In addition, the viewing count for the series has been quite strong in terms of the reaction it has received from the audience with each episode. The reactions of Retta to the several properties she visits and her thoughts on them are the primary focus of the audience as they watch the show.


After receiving such a positive reaction from the audience, the decision to continue the series for another season was an easy one for the network to make when taking into consideration the reviews. We have compiled a concise rundown of everything you need to know about the new season’s release date, storyline, and cast to assist you in getting ready to watch the new episode before it becomes available.


The fact that the official social media accounts of the network have not officially confirmed the series’ launch date, even though production of the second season is already underway, has led to a great deal of uncertainty among fans. In addition, the post-production stage will need some time to improve the episodes and make the next season far more fascinating for the audience. As a result, we advise fans to exercise some patience for the time being as these announcements take some time to be released and are issued in a predetermined order by the streaming services.


Ugliest House in America is produced by Big Fish Entertainment, which is expected to follow the basic premise like the previous two seasons, which follow from gaudy designs to botched renovations; comedian Retta travels across the country to tour properties nominated by their owners as the ugliest home around. Big Fish Entertainment is expected to follow the basic premise like the previous two seasons. Big Fish Entertainment is expected to follow the basic premise like the previous two seasons.

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