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My Home Hero: Will it be finished or the next part is coming? 

My Home Hero: Will it be finished or the next part is coming? 

Anime transformation of several mangas has been greenlit recently, and My Home Hero is newly enlisted in the list. My Home Hero is a fraud and eagerness manga that began its initial run in May 2017. Today we are going to inform you about the anime named My Home Hero. Fans we very excited after listening to the announcement of the My Home Hero anime. 

Now, the manga is operating on its seventeenth volume. Despite its increased rage, My Home Hero didn’t receive an anime transformation until presently.

Tetsuo Tosu is a normal man who lives a delightful life with his wife and daughter. One day Tetsuo finds out that the partner of his daughter Reika physically insults her. Tetsuo decided to take revenge on him and will punish him for his words. 

My Home Hero: Will it be finished or the next part is coming? 

Accordingly, a painful event takes place, and the entire life of Tetsuo and his family put up with a flip. Presently, he has to do everything in his strength to conserve his family.


My Home Hero manga is published by Kodansha in its weekly shonen gazette. Hence, the news considering the anime transformation was greenlit in the 29th issue of the same. The authorized website of Oricon verifies the news respecting the TV anime sequel.

The broadcast date for the forthcoming anime is not out finally, but Oricon verifies that current data will be out later. In the current visual, the major protagonist of the sequel, Tetsuo Tosu, can be seen wearing his jacket, like he is ready for his job. 

The pictorial fits the theme of the sequel, which is about a salaryman who discovers himself in uncalled-for difficulty. Through several authorized websites the recent visual you require to have a look at. A fresh visual is also out, which shares the data regarding the anime transformation, as well as the consequences of part 3 of the manga. 

The manga was on respite since the next part of the sequel finished off its serialization in October. The fresh transformation of part 3 will take the tale seven years into the future, after the events of the next part.

My Home Hero: Will it be finished or the next part is coming? 

The manga is composed by Naoki Yamakawa and exemplified by Masashi Asaki. It is nowadays being serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine. It fulfills the tale of a middle-aged salaryman called Tetsuo Tosu who gets bogged down in the illegal world after accidentally murdering her daughter’s cruel criminal boyfriend. 

Introduction of My Home Hero

My Home Hero is a Japanese manga sequel written by Naoki Yamakawa. The manga centers on a salaryman who has a responsible wife and a daughter in the institute who can sometimes behave a little wild but has a happy life in his way.

Until one day he discovers his daughter has been beaten and therefore starts his voyage into a hazardous world to conserve his family. Now he has to save his family from that risky world. Stay tuned with instachronicles to know more about My Home Hero anime. 

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