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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261: Review

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261: Review

This week, Mikey is the only one who will take a middle degree and show all of the energy that he has been keeping inside. The struggle has ended, or even the maximum effectiveness has fallen. Time and again, the Second Generation Tokyo Manji gang has proved to be worth ruling this city. The defeat of Waka and Benkei turned into but any other stamp at the fact. So, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 takes this struggle to the very last degree. Here is the entirety to realize approximately the bankruptcy.

In the subsequent storyline, enthusiasts will seize up with Mikey’s blasting combat with Takemichi. These are combating for the survival of their gangs. And best this conflict will become figuring out who wins the crown of Tokyo city.

What Will Happen Next?

The very last panel of the preceding bankruptcy confirmed that Mikey turned into now no longer inspired through the defeat of Waka and Benkei. He got here with a flashing front and challenged the heroes, stating, ‘so all of it comes right all the way down to this. . .’ Now, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 will choose up proper from this factor. Mikey’s goal is neither Taiju nor Senju. Instead, he goes to rate properly the chief of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Takemichi Hanagaki.

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This is the factor wherein the manga enters its very last act. Takemichi is visibly wearisome after main a struggle between existence and death. On the alternative side, Mikey has nevertheless now no longer used even an unmarried punch withinside the combat. Thus, this distinction might be fully damaging for Takemichi. But the combat will be a great time out of the manga so far.


Previous Chapter Recap!

The identity of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260 turned into “Squaring Off Against.” The bankruptcy began with the much-awaited brawl between Taiju Vs. Waka and Benkei. The most powerful forces of the antique and new black dragon gangs had been premature with one any other. Taiju turned visibly enraged at his ex-mates. However, this rage turned into now no longer translates into his punches. Takemichi turned into involved that Taiju turned into getting overwhelmed up through the.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 261 Raw scans: Hanma and a mysterious person step between Takemichi and Mikey

Waka signaled Benkei to do ‘that’ circulate. Senju right away understood that they had been approximately to start the “Downhill Rush” attack. But Taiju turned into assured that they might now no longer have the ability to tug off the circulate as they had been too labored up after combating the cat and canine duo. And so, he turned into capable of preventing those midways from circulating. The bankruptcy got here to a stop with Mikey displaying up for the ultimate conflict.

Release Date

Yet any other declaration of an end is anticipated to return back through in more than one week. The enthusiasts of Tokyo revengers are already making up their thoughts to mention goodbye to the manga. But the very last few weeks are positive to be blasting. So, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 261 will launch this week with no introduced break. So, so the very last launch date of the bankruptcy is July 13, 2022. Fans could be capable of seizing all of the chapters of the manga best at the legit pages of Kodansha.

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