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Volcanic Age Chapter 212: Release Date, Recap and Everything You Need To Know

Volcanic Age Chapter 212: Everything You Need To Know


Sword God will paintings on a plan to defeat Phecda in Volcanic Age Chapter 212. Bear Fist requested Sword God’s assistance withinside the preceding chapter, and all and sundry believed that Dan Li Hwa cheated them and long gone corrupted through spiders’ poison. But it wasn’t the case. In fact, Bear Fist changed into the only one who betrayed them as he joined their opponent’s military.


Volcanic Age Chapter 212 Manga Online English

Now in the approaching chapter, Sword God will combat together along with his deadliest and maximum smart opponent, Phecda. He will attempt to kill him as quickly as viable and use his pleasant guys to quit Sword God. But Sword God desires to live centered to keep his life. Will Sword God survive? Keep analyzing to understand more.

Volcanic Age Chapter 212: What Will Happen Next?

Alkaid discovered his goal to combat on his own with the Sword God. But Phecda ordered him to kill Sword God as quickly as viable. So Sword God informed him that he might satisfy his want and put together himself to die. But left surprised while Alkaid blocked his formless reinforced sword energy. It left him amazed. But Sword God determined to go back with every other move. He and Alkaid will maintain combat by displaying their pleasant move.

Volcanic Age Bankruptcy 212: Will The Sword God Die? Liberate Date - Fresh Game News

But their struggle won’t ultimate long. This is due to the fact the little ghost will interfere. She will goal to kill Sword God from in the back at the same time as he’s preventing together along with his opponent. But Sword God will experience something and ward off her attack. As for Dan Li, she can be able to head to the cave and study that nobody survives the large spider attack. So she can be able to go back to assist Sword God. She and Sword God will combat with Alkaid and the little ghost. They will quickly get assistance from their comrades, leaving Alkaid and his military to depart the forest.

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Volcanic Age Chapter 211, Bear Fist and Sword God reached the region in which Dan Li Hwa changed into status wounded beside the large spider monsters. Bear Fist accused her of betraying them. He ensured that she did similar to Tang Myeong. She betrayed her comrades and killed them. So he desired to educate her in an excellent lesson. But Sword God stopped him and stated it changed into a trap. Bear Fist was appearing due to the fact that he met him. Soon Sword God sensed that it changed into a darkish heaven faction in the back of it.

Later a knight in armor seemed and stated he changed into inspired to look that Sword God found out the entirety quickly. However, Sword God changed into amazed through that armor and puzzled whether or not Alkaid changed into in the back of this. He changed into proper quickly. Alkaid discovered his face, and they organized a one-on-one struggle. Sword God used his method to hit him, however, Alkaid used his sword to injure Dan Li. It left Sword God startled while he found out approximately the historical mysterious weapon.

Volcanic Age Chapter 212: Release Date

Volcanic Age follows a fair launch pattern. It returns each six days. But unfortunately, the manhwa didn’t go back this week. But we are hoping that it’s going to launch on July 14, 2022.


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