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The Prince of Tennis II-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

Crunchyroll - The Prince of Tennis II Gets 1st New TV Anime in 10 Years

The Prince of Tennis II is known in Japan as The New Prince of Tennis.  It is a Japanese manga series that is written and illustrated by Takeshi Konomi. Later it was serialized in  Shueisha‘s shōnen manga magazine Jump Square in March 2009. It belongs to the genre of sports.

An anime television series was later adapted to Tv Tokyo from January to March 2012. It aired from January 5, 2012, to March 29, 2012. It had 13 episodes that lasted from 23 minutes per episode.s A new anime television series titled The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup premiered in July 2022.

Ryouma Echizen is one of the 50 nationally ranked middle school tennis players and receives an invitation to the Japan U-17 tennis training camp. It was previously open only to high school players, the exclusive regiment trains the best players in the country for the upcoming U-17 World Cup. Later the high schoolers are not pleased that these middle schoolers are allowed into the camp, but the middle schoolers easily overwhelm them before they are halted by the coaches.

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The rules of the camp are soon explained: the players are to be split into one of 16 courts based on skill, with the best players occupying Court 1. Players move up and down courts based on “shuffle matches” that occur before practice begins each day. In anticipation of a game, the middle schoolers are asked to pair up with one another, only to find out that they would not be playing doubles with their partners. Instead, they are pitted against each other in a tiebreaker-style game. The winner of the match would be allowed to stay to further develop their skills whereas the loser would be sent home.

For the sake of tennis, friendships and camaraderie are all put on the line. As the fierce competition between the middle and high schoolers persists, the situations they find themselves in go deeper than just playing to remain in the camp.

It has likable characters, a cool intro, and decent animation. The voice cast is good even though sadly the dub only covered around 50 episodes. The fictional characters of The Prince anime II are Karaou Kaido, Takashi Kawamura, Shushuke Fuji, Takeshi Momoshiro, and others.

Some short characteristics of the players are given here:

  • Karaou Kaidōis a counterpuncher, he is noted for his stamina and retrieves most of the opponent’s shot, by using his physique to tire out his opponent first.
  • Takashi Kawamura is a modest student and a very hardworking son. However, he changes every time, he holds his tennis racquet (or anything, for that matter) …
  • Fuji Shūsuke is a third-year student at Seishun Academy. He is given the title “tensai”, or genius, due to his tactical skill on the tennis court.
  • Takeshi Momoshiro  is known as Seigaku’s “number one rascal.” As the player who is the most open and friendly with everyone, Momoshiro is connected to everyone on the team on some level.

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