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DanMachi: Before Season 4 premieres, Review These Important Plot Points

DanMachi: Before Season 4 premieres, Review These Important Plot Points

Is It Bad to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? fandom, more generally known as DanMachi, has been going since 2015. DanMachi is a video game that centers on Bell Cranel and is set in the made-up city of Orario. Bell Cranel fights monsters in the subterranean Dungeon in order to retrieve crystal shards for the goddess Hestia. He gets stronger as a result. It is crucial to continue up where Season 3 left off as there have already been three seasons produced and a fourth is scheduled to premiere in July 2022. This is especially true considering how long it has been since Season 3 ended.

Bell is on one of his dungeon explorations in the first episode, “Wiene (Dragon’s Daughter),” when he unexpectedly encounters a particular dragon-like monster known as a Vouivre. He chooses to save her and give her the name Wiene after realizing that she is fluent in human language; Hestia accepts her with open arms. Hestia wonders whether there may be more monsters in the Dungeon with her talents and if it’s possible that not all of them are harmful after witnessing Wiene’s ability to communicate with people.

In the episode “Monster (One Wing),” Wiene goes on to further demonstrate her distinction from other monsters by defending a small kid. Despite her humanitarian deeds, the populace still views her as a monster and does not take kindly to her. Bell and the others are instructed to take Wiene back to the Dungeon in an effort to conceal the situation. There, they come across a protective but amiable group of monsters known as the Xenos, which suggests Hestia’s initial suspicion about other monsters could be accurate.

However, after Wiene and the Xenos are captured by members of the Ikelos Familia in “Aspiration (Distant Dream),” the animosity toward the monsters persists. When he learns this, Bell is motivated to track out Wiene and save her despite the danger to himself. Bell continues to refrain from confronting her even when Dix, the leader of the Ikelos Familia, reveals Bell’s actual and more primitive form. In “Dix Perdix (The Dreams of Beasts),” when Wiene is coerced onto the surface by Dix, Bell decides to defend her from the Loki Familia in front of the populace, demonstrating that he is prepared to stand by her to the very end.

In “Bell Cranel (The Fool),” Bell further exemplifies his altruism by helping Wiene, who has been killed by one of Dix’s men, live with him and Fels. Naturally, this results in Bell receiving harsh criticism from other explorers and locals, with the exception of the Hestia Familia, who wants to defend Wiene and the other Xenos. In “Ultra Soul (Decisive Battle),” Tiona, a different member of the Loki Familia, is ready to kill Wiene until Tiona notices her helping another child.

Bell is seen speaking with Wiene in the most recent Season 4 teaser, trying to uphold Hestia Familia’s vow to her. He still feels guilty about needing his hero, Ais Wallenstein, to save him, implying his desire to grow stronger and more self-reliant. Bell is also seen in the teaser going to an unnamed lower level of the Dungeon, which is claimed to be different from prior locations and raises the possibility of the presence of sentient monsters like the Xenos. But as the premiere of the new season approaches, only time will tell.

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