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Will Jin Die? Chapter 68 of Volcano Returns Next, what? Launch Date

Will Jin Die? Chapter 68 of Volcano Returns Next, what? Launch Date

Who will triumph in the conflict will eventually be revealed in Volcano Returns Chapter 68? Chung agreed to Jin’s challenge to fight with him in the previous chapter. Jin made fun of Chung as he spoke about the virtues of the Southern Edge group. Chung then found himself in a dire situation and launched an assault on Jin. Chung was able to hurt Jin during their fight.

Now that he’s tired of watching Chung’s amateurish skills, Jin will ask him to come up with his greatest technique in the following episode. Chung will get more enraged as a result, and he will devise his most lethal attempt to murder Jin. The battle will make Chung’s motivation clear: he simply wants to murder Jin.

Chung got ready to assault Jin and murder him. Lee Seong Baek has now also shown up to watch their battle. Lee needs to relax because he isn’t in good health. But he wants to see Chung triumph against the brash youngster. Jin, however, made fun of Chung’s skill and claimed he was ignorant of how to use the sword. He also disparaged the Southern Edge Sect and said he would murder Chung to prove a point to them.

Chung was ready to attack and murder Jin. Lee Seong Baek has since gone above and beyond to find their fit. Lee is in the right spot and needs to unwind. He must confront Chung about his blindness in order to be sincere. Between these two days, Jin made fun of Chungs and said he was unaware of the sword’s application. He warned the Eastern Sect against employing a hidden weapon and made it known that he would assassinate Chung in order to teach them a crucial lesson.

Chung will now assault Jin with all of his force and be angrier than before. To overcome him, he will employ a variety of strategies. But Chung will be taken aback by how elegantly Jin deflects his blows. This will only fuel his rage, and he will stop at nothing to end his life. But it will cause him to refocus, which will enable Jin to triumph against Chung. When Chung is vanquished, the Southern Edge Sect will be in disarray and forced to comply with Jin’s demands.

Geumryong Jin challenged Chung Myung to a duel in Volcano Returns Chapter 67. After watching Jin’s performance, everyone felt terrified. He had already beaten nine members of the Southern edge sect, and if he kept going, he would beat the tenth and most strong one to set a record. Knowing about everyone’s concerns, Chung Myung didn’t like it. With his sword, he intended to murder Jin.

In their conversation, Chung and Jin exchanged threats of destroying the Mount Hwa cult and every solitary seedling. Jin made fun of his method, claiming that the Southern Edge sect had stolen theirs and was now boasting about things that weren’t theirs.

Weekly releases are the norm for Volcano Returns. Chapter 68 will therefore be available on June 15, 2022. The Southern Edge Sect’s response to their setback and Jin’s ultimate destiny will be revealed.

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