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Tiger and Bunny 2 Episode 14: Review, spoilers and everything you need to know

Tiger and Bunny 2 Episode 14: Updates


One of the best running series is Tiger and Bunny 2, according to critics. The series just continues getting better with each new episode. The final episode found Mugan and Fugan dead and left a lasting impression on the spectator.


The evil team has so finally breathed their death. The fight for the superheroes continues after such an intense scene. More brawls will break out in the upcoming episode. Gregory is also now free of the prison cell. Here is all there is to know about Episode 14 of Tiger and Bunny 2.

Tiger and Bunny 2 Episode 14: Gregory Is Out! Release Date & Plot

There is a list of things that the next episode will emphasize. The superheroes appear to have suffered no major injuries and are all recovering well. As a result, the next bad guy will undoubtedly appear soon. The upcoming episode is probably going to focus on these specific details.

Episode 14 of Tiger and Bunny 2: What Will Come Next?


A lot happened in the closing few seconds of the previous episode. There is no question that a new villain will surface very soon. The superheroes are in good shape, which is a plus. They will also start getting ready for the following battle. Thus, there will soon be another exciting action scene.

Tiger and Bunny 2 Episode 14: Gregory Is Out! Release Date & Plot

His legs eventually followed the brokenness of his arms. Bunny observed it and made use of it to his advantage. But a moment came when nothing was definite, and the bad guys continued to be in charge. This did not last for very long since Thomas Taurus kept his group member under control to stop Fugan. 


On the other hand, Mugan was hurt as a result of the attack by the Magical Cat. Thus, their cooperation allowed them to vanquish the villainous duo. After that, Mugan drove Fugan to a secure location, where Gregory shot both of them. The superheroes were recuperating at the hospital while their demise made the news.

Release Date for Episode 14 of Tiger and Bunny 2

Now that Gregory is missing, things will undoubtedly grow trickier. Thus, the fourteenth episode of Tiger and Bunny 2 will air on April 15, 2022. Netflix has the show available for streaming. As a result, keep checking The Anime Daily for additional developments.

The 2nd, Or 14th Of The Tigers: What’s Going On?


The second episode’s total moments had a lot going on. There will be a new antagonist very soon. On the plus side, the superheroes are in the right position. They will begin putting greater effort into getting ready for the subsequent battle. 


Another compelling motion collection is also on the horizon. For their selfish ends, Fugan and Mugan could be defeated in the battle against Ouroboros.


Even Tiger and Bunny 2 Episode 14 can locate Gregory’s location. The guy has truly been taken out of the phone and is now suddenly free. Additionally, he uses medication. This will spur a lot of problems for both superheroes and ordinary people.


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