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Kengan Omega Chapter 158: release date, raw scan, and spoilers 

Kengan Omega Chapter 158: release date, raw scan, and spoilers 

In chapter 157, the fighting between our protagonist Koga and Xia has already started.


As per Ohma’s situation, Xia would be allowed to go without any repercussions if he arranged to succeed against Koga. The war, like every other authorized war in the sequel, has but one solo rule, the battle still you need and win without destroying your opposition.

With risks high for Xia in the war, he moves toward this battle without much thinking as he thinks Koga to be a young fool but if what we’ve watched for the past 150 or so chapters is true then he might be in for a terrible shock.

Introduction of Kenyan omega 

Koga is necessarily in the lead at this point. Xia doesn’t seem to be prepared to land a single hit on him, as he maintains pummelling. Koga says to Ji that he’s going to fail everything

If Koga backs Ohma in a fair war, Ohma swears to rescue Ji from his jail. As an outcome, Ji takes away this opportunity to prove his strength once more and return to his earlier role on the council. Still, would it be so easy to win against Koga? Kengan Omega Chapter 158 will answer all the questions. 

What happened in Chapter 157? 

The chapter captions the outset of the battle between Koga and Xia, with the two of them standing conflicting with each other. It is demonstrated there that Xia, has some kind of a hidden weapon in his mouth, affixed to one of his teeth which he counts as the ace up his sleeve.Kengan Omega Chapter 158: release date, raw scan, and spoilers 

Xia doesn’t take kindly to the assault as he follows up as shortly as he turns out, but with his insane vision, Koga breaks his assault with yet another punch to the face before he could even get an opportunity to go through with his stab.

The recollections only make Xia angrier as he pushes ahead to rush another bunch of attacks but Koga is no less proficient as he, once again counters Xia’s actions taking him reeling.

That is where we can watch Xia lose all pretense of discretion and cunningness as his dignity resurfaces, mixed in with his crazy cockiness he asserts that Koga is no game for him, the leader of the netherworld. Koga rubs his inspirations to the side, asserting that he wins there.Kengan Omega Chapter 158: release date, raw scan, and spoilers 

Raw scans and spoilers of Chapter 158 of Kengan Omega

Zhuo will be looking for a slot in Kengan Omega Ch.158 to rejoin the battle. Each time he’s fallen, he’s regained up and is thriving adapted to Koga’s actions. 

When Ji finds out how Koga foresees His assaults, the event is won for Koga. The last trump coupon was spoken of by Ji himself. Xia Ji, according to Ohma, is however more powerful than Koga, even in her decayed state.

What is the release date for Kengan Omega Chapter 158? 

On 11th May 2022, Kengan Omega manga chapter 158 will be broadcasted. Don’t miss the battle between Koga and Xia Ji’s finale in the pursuing chapter.

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