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Kengan omega chapter 160-[Leaked online] check out for latest updates

Kengan omega chapter 160 and updates


Kengan Omega Chapter 160 is prepared for a shocking confrontation, as usual. The current contention does exclude philosophical opponents. There are men in our association who are prepared to fight. A confounding figure ventured from the shadows in the past episode, just to unveil that he planned to assume command over whatever was going on. Koga was likewise cautioned that he had no extra power over the foe by him. Presently you have universal knowledge of the forthcoming episode!

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Koga attempts to persuade the person that Xia doesn’t have the data they are looking for in the following story. Subsequently, killing him would be a crazy demonstration. Koga, then again, would wind up turning into the substitute for the whole wreck.


Section 160 of Kengan Omega: What’s Next?


The struggle under the surface inside the Kengan Association is probably going to be the focal point of the impending section of Kengan Omega. Eventually, Narushima Koga and Tokita Ohma concluded Xia Ji didn’t have the data they were looking for. Subsequently, saving his life was chosen. Nonetheless, things are beginning to look terrible for him. In the closing scene of the last part, a high-positioning individual from the association shows up. He let Koga know that by saving an adversary, he had become himself a foe. At the end of the day, Narushima Koga’s and Ohma’s prospects are wrecked. Every one of the plans of the contrary party is to utilize savagery to end the conflOh Oh, then again, doesn’t give off an impression of being in this present circumstance. The solutions to Kengan Omega all’s secrets are uncovered in Chapter 160.

A Recap of the Previous Chapter!


“A supportive role” is the title of Kengan Omega section 159. At the start of the campaign, Xia Ji was excited that he had gotten away from the Kengan Association fighters’ fierceness. Notwithstanding, his bosses rushed to call attention to the that he was looking dreadful. The individuals who ridiculed the man initially were Edward Wu and Fei Fan-Fan. Frustration filled Xia Ji’s heart.

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Therefore, he accepted that he was a simple spectator. He informed the folks from the Kengan Association that he didn’t have anything to tell them right now. He was just the supportive role. Along these lines, he had no clue about the thing Worm had been dealing with the entire time. Even though Tokita Ohma attempted to threaten him, Xia sincerely had no data. It finished up with the appearance of quite possibly of Kengan’s most noticeable commandant.


The delivery date for Kengan Omega Chapter 160


The latest section has been delivered immediately. Encountering most of the activity immediately for fans is so conceivable. The distribution date for Kengan Omega Chapter 160 is scheduled for May 26th, 2022. To get to the manga all’s sections, you would need to visit Kodansha’s true site.


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