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Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 383-Gu Bei Plans Against Gu Heng !

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 383-Gu Bei Plans Against Gu Heng !

In Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 383, Gu Bei will finally deal with Gu Heng. In the previous chapter, everyone hurried to arrest Nie Li. Their plan is disrupted when Xiao Lu comes and saves Nie Li. Gu Heng found a novel tactic to destroy his opponent rapidly. On the other hand, Gu Bei was anticipating Nie Li’s arrival.

In the following episode, Gu Bei will ask his messenger to investigate Gu Heng’s plot. Gu Heng will approach the Gu clan’s elders and speak with them before persuading them. Then Gu Bei will design a plan to arrest Nie Li. Xiao and Nie will search for a safe place to go in the meanwhile.

Tales Of Demons and Gods is an anthology of demon and deity stories. On December 6, 2020, one of Japan’s most popular manga series, Tales of Demons and Gods Most Liked, was released. Following the popularity of some Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 383 Chapters, fans are looking forward to future Chapters in this Manga. The previous Chapters of Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 383 performed admirably, leaving fans wondering when the next Chapter, Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 383 release date, will be released. When can we expect the following installments? Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 383 is scheduled for publication on June 10, 2022.

Gu Bei will dispatch a messenger to track down the person who is supporting Gu Heng. As a result, the messenger’s hunt for the elder will continue. He’ll soon learn more about the elder and craft a plan to persuade him to support him rather than Gu Heng. This is because he poisoned Gu Bei’s sister previously. As a result, Gu Heng is unable to demand his current position or compensation. Gu Bei will use his position against Gu Heng to deal with the elders of the Gu clan.

In the meanwhile, Nie Li and Xiao Yu will be in a safe place. Before returning to their world, they’ll journey to a new spot where they may rest. Both are well aware that the Gu clan will kill them as soon as they get on Earth. Nie will ask Xiao about the time-space artifact and try to understand as much as he can.

Tales Of Demons and Gods is a collection of demon and god-related stories. Chapter 382 began with a dispute amongst divine feather sect comrades. Nie Li, the thief of many miles of rivers and mountain relics, was surrounded by them all. When his barrier was breached, he chose to use grade 6 armor. Xiao Yu, on the other hand, came to Nie Li’s aid as the enemies arrived. Xiao utilized a time-space device to escape the fight. When they vanished into the sky, everyone was taken aback. Following that, the warriors told Gu Heng of their defeat.

He decided to talk with the elders on the spur of the moment. By contacting the Gu clan’s elders, he sought to impeach Gu Bei. When someone approached Gu Bei and his subordinates in the divine feather sect, they were discussing Nie Li and Xiao. The messenger revealed Gu Heng’s scheme. He desired to succeed Gu Bei as the first-in-line heir or to compensate for the loss of three deities’ lakes.

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