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Nano machine: chapter 109-[leaked online] check out the latest chapters

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Nano Machine is a web novel that has been adapted to webtoon with the same name. The alternate names for the web novel are Nano Mashin, and Nano Mashine This web novel consists of genres sci-fi, action and fantasy. The web novel is written by Jeolmu Hyeon and illustrated by Gangbulgoe Geum. The novel is currently ongoing. The protagonist is Cheon-Yeon Woo, an orphan from the democratic cult who has his life in danger. Cheon-Yeon Woo’s descendant visits him and inserts a nano machine inside his body which changed Cheon-Yeon Woo’s life after the machine’s activation. His journey begins with him first bypassing the democratic cult and working to become the best martial artist out there.


Chapter 109: Chapter 109 was released on 9th June. In this chapter,  Yeowun was all mixed up about which breathing skill he should give his members.  The best breathing skill in the library was the sword Force of the sky demon. Nano created a breathing sample -37. Yeowun changed the sample -37 name to Force of mixed origin. The member didn’t know the skill was just a few days old. Yowun told his members that they could find it easily at the library. He also told them if anyone needs help to learn martial arts, help them. 

Nano Machine Chapter 109: Crown Prince Will Destroy The Guards! Release Date

The heartwarming story of nano as a relatable character and the struggles and challenges he faces throughout his journey is never a disappointment. Nano Machine is similar to the manga Mercenary Enrollment with technology to spice up the story.

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