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Aharen-San Episode 11-Are Raido and Aharen Dating Now?

Aharen-San Episode 11-Are Raido and Aharen Dating Now?

It’s unclear when Raido and the kuudere Aharen Reina become more than friends and are formally dating in Aharen-San Is Indecipherable, which sets it unique from various other rom-com anime. In any romantic narrative, it can be a long process, especially if the protagonists don’t give it much attention, as these two do.

Aharen and Raido, unlike Nagi and Erika in A Couple of Cuckoos, do not have a convenient engagement to define their relationship, so they must decide for themselves if they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. But possibly their pals, especially Futaba, will be able to assist them. If they try hard enough, even children can figure it out.

Aharen Reina, the eponymous protagonist of Aharen-San Is Indecipherable, goes to great lengths to please and impress her buddy Raido in Episode 11. Instead of meatballs and study sessions, she has to make an outstanding impression with her igloo maid café, where she is the only employee. Raido is grateful, and after the igloo collapses, Aharen has even more indoor winter fun ideas at the nearby shopping mall; she has no idea how far she has strayed from perfect girlfriend land. Amazingly, she’s doing so well without realizing it.

Aharen invites Raido to the mall to spend some quality time with him halfway through Episode 11, and the two have a great time. Their food-based love language reappears, with Aharen enjoying a variety of foods and even meeting up with Sato and Ishikawa for a light supper at a restaurant. Every other character in this episode is impressed by Aharen’s ability to dress up and grasp Raido’s arm while spending so much time with him in such a setting. For Aharen, it’s merely normal, but she needs greater self-awareness to know how far her relationship with Raido has progressed. Many female love interests in slice-of-life anime have never made it this far in their series.

Reina’s persona is developed in subtle ways in Episode 11, implying that she has a laid-back attitude toward friends and love. She cherishes her pals Raido and the dandere Oshiro, but she also appears to be satisfied to coast on those friendships once they have stabilized. Aharen’s friendship with Oshiro is unchanged, but her collaboration with Raido is groundbreaking, and she lacks critical self-awareness about it all. Fortunately, she has the support of her other pals.

The burgeoning romance is approved by Aharen and Raido’s associates Sato and Ishikawa, who spend Episode 11 respectfully debating the matter to figure things out. Is it true that Aharen and Raido are dating? For the time being, the line is a little hazy, but Sato and Ishikawa will almost certainly assist their buddies in taking things to the next level, straight into boyfriend/girlfriend territory. Despite considering Aharen as a competition, the youthful tsundere Futaba could be of assistance.

Aharen is Raido’s girlfriend in all but name if she spends an entire evening choosing the right clothing, holding her male friend’s arm to the mall, and sharing dinner with him. It’s now up to Aharen to garner some encouragement from her pals and make it official before the season finale of Aharen-San Is Indecipherable. All of the pieces are in place.

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