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Jiwoo defeats the Giant. Eleceed chapter 198

Eleceed: Eleceed (일렉시드) is a manhwa that is written by Son Je-Ho and illustrated by ZHENA. It is published on Naver Webtoon (Korean) as well as Webtoon (English). Its first chapter was published on the Korean Naver website on October 2, 2018. (source:- Eleceed Wiki | Fandom)

Eleceed Chapter 198 was released on June 16, 2022.

Disclaimer: This article may contain scans and spoilers from Eleceed chapter 198.

Jiwoo vs The Giant 

Jiwoo defeats the Giant. Eleceed chapter 198

As we In the previous chapter 197 of The Eleceed, Jiwoo challenged Giant for a match, and Glant accepted it. Everyone was shocked after learning about that Jiwoo vs The Giants challenge. Jiwoo’s group members even asked him why he planned to fight with Glant, but Jiwoo decided to stay silent. The major concern of this fight was that Glant is going to turn into his beast form and then it will be hard for Jiwoo to fight back as Glant is strong. Apart from the major strength difference between Jiwoo and The Giant, Glant knows about Jiwoo’s abilities and skills, which will create problems for Jiwoo. But Jiwoo survived the match and won.


Eleceed Chapter 198: What Happened in the battle between Jiwoo and The Giant

Jiwoo thought things would be easy after he got the wins against Duke and Gain. But it seems like Jiwoo underestimated The Giant. Jiwoo shocked everyone and proved himself again in this fight against Giant. Jiwoo used his electrical abilities and one-shot The Giant. Yes! Jiwoo defeated The Giant with a single punch in chapter 198. This fight perfectly defines why Jiwoo is a strong contender and why he shouldn’t be the one to mess with.

Eleceed Chapter 199 Expected Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 199 is expected to release on 21st June 2022. A new chapter of Eleceed is released every Tuesday according to the following timezones:


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