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The challenge camp episode: Healer girl episode 11

The challenge camp episode: Healer girl episode 11

When we recently left our heroines, Mistress Ria amazed them with the news that they were taking the C-Rank Exam shortly. Were they up to the challenge?

Introduction of the Healer girl 

There’s however something off about their synergy as signified by the trio destroyed by dark orcas during practice. They inquired Mistress Ria for support and help but instead of help, she had them move on to a training center with Aoi.

Instead of training the initial thing, the quartet performed was to go on a trip to take in the local glamours like an art gallery, pottery, and even bungee jumping. Kana admired why they weren’t training but Aoi told them it was in the mistress’ assigned plan for them.

With the fresh purpose of becoming C-Rank Healers before them, it’s a sink-or-swim moment for our three heroines. The question is, when they’re summoning their Healing impressions, our girls unexpectedly discover themselves stopped by magical monsters that devour them just as they’re preparing to be begun. 

This being a hallucinatory optical conceit, it’s just broad and cryptic enough that no one of the beginners can conclude the main reason, and because they have a mysterious witch as an instructor, they can’t get a right answer in either way. Instead, Kana, Reimi, and Hibiki go on a decent ol’ fashioned Training Arc in the peaks, where they’re left to their equipment with the least guidance.

Healer Girl Episode 11

What is the anime about?

Healer Girl is an anime that flows under the melody and fantasy genre. In this anime, the identities do not only deal with their problems through conclusion but also strive to achieve their purposes every day. It tells us the story of a planet where people are recognized as healers who heal the disease, discomfort, and several other problems of other species using the means of “vocal medicine”.

The bungee jumping healing

Bungee jumping got up later on. Later watching Kana go for it Hibiki fell to the ground. She said Aoi felt bad for being scared of bungee jumping. Aoi said it’s alright to be scared and to use it to grow powerful along with her other emotions. However, this was more guidance for her piano playing. She convinced her it had enabled vocal healing too.

Healer Girl Episode 11 Release Date

Healer Girl Episode 11 will be broadcasted on the 13th of June 2022. As of presently, there is no data available on who will be authorizing this episode. Still, based on past episodes, we can say that Noboru Kimura will be in charge of writing the episode and Yashushiro Irie will be the storyboard artist for it.

The first episode of the anime was broadcasted on the 4th of April 2022. Also, a manga spin-off with the term Healer Girl espressivo was broadcasted on the 26th of May 2022. The manga is composed by Imo Ono and is broadcasted in the Monthly Comic Alive magazine.

As the term indicates, music and songs are the major elements of this therapy, and therefore, several vocalists aspire to secure a business in this field. Among several vocalists, we are introduced to our major protagonist, Kana Fujii, voiced by Karin Isobe.





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