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6 Best software for how to play music through mic !!

How to play music through a mic

You all might be wondering how to play music through the mic on Discord.

Have you ever seen Youtubers play music on a microphone and add sound effects while talking? That’s amazing, isn’t it? I can honestly say that you also want to know how to play music using a microphone. But playing music with a microphone as YouTube users is more expensive.

Because you will need to buy expensive items such as an audio mixer, Sound Mixer can play cool sound effects or music through the microphone while you are talking.

If you are wondering if playing music or audio effects with your Mic is not possible without buying a sound mixer, then you are wrong. Technology has surpassed many impossibilities.

Almost anything can now happen with the help of technology. You just need to know the proper procedure to perform. You may have checked many blogs and websites to find the legal process, but not enough resources may work for you.

However, there is a trick. You can do it without buying those expensive things like a sound mixer. And in this article, we will show you how to play music with a microphone.

how to play music through mic

Warming up before knowing how to play music through a mic

Before you can begin to follow the procedures, you need to remember something. If you do not do this, the following procedures may not work properly. Therefore, be sure to follow the following rules.

Carefully check that your microphone is not set to Accept Only mode. If you do, the microphone will not allow you to listen to music through the Mic.
The first point to consider is the technical aspect. No microphone is set automatically to play music. So these features can include the normal approach.
There may be a limited number of processes that you can apply to your microphone. These steps will also allow you to access the music at a limited number of Mic. Even those microphones do not have this feature for playing audio such as the installation of a microphone.

How to play music through the mic and speak inside Windows 11

There is much software that can allow you to play music using a microphone. But you do not need to download any software to do this if you are using the latest Windows 10 operating system.

Suppose you are talking to someone on social media and you are playing sarcastic or humorous music at the same time in the background.

It’s really interesting, isn’t it? Many YouTube users do this while playing games or especially kissing someone.

The best part is that, if you follow our provided steps, you will be able to create audio or music effects while playing games.

Also, using hotkeys on Spotify makes the process very premium.

However, if you want to, you will need to change the setting. Changing the default microphone setting for your system audio will allow you to play music using the microphone.

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Here are the steps for how to play music through a mic on Windows 11:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Select the Hardware & Sound option
  • Click Manage Audio Devices in the audio bar
  • Then a new window will appear. Press the recording option and open Stereo Mix.
  • Set it to the default microphone setting, and you’re done.
  • This is the simplest process. By doing so, you will be able to play music using a microphone. Now check out how to play music through mic Discord.

How to play music through the mic on Discord?

Playing music while talking to your friends in games is a very satisfying feature. It’s even more fun when you can play music from YouTube. But how would you do it? The answer is simple, and you just need to download a free plugin that can do the job. For example, MedalBot, Rhythm, or FredBot are the best plugins for doing this job. But MedalBot is a popular plugin that many players love.

However, you will need to order a plugin to play music. For example, if you want to play music with a microphone, you will need to write the command below:

m! play “song name.”

And if you want to stop music, you will need to write the given command:

m! Ima

With your kind knowledge, you will not face any loss of music quality. But if the internet is slow, this is a different matter.

You can also download the software for the problem “how to play music through mic” on Discord. Therefore, you will need to download the Soundboard app like Rust Soundboard, Clownfish, VoiceMeeter, MorphVox, or Soundpad, etc.

Here’s how to play Discord songs on your microphone:

  • Install any soundboard application on your PC
  • Connect your microphone to this software and set it as the default microphone.
  • Go to Control Panel> Hardware & Sound> Manage Audio Devices> Recording and turn on the stereo mix option.
  • Open your app and add sound effects
  • Play your favorite music and keep playing.
  • Use the sound keys of the soundboard app to play music through the microphone while playing.
  • However, we will now show you some of the best audio board apps that can be your best friend.

Best software for how to play music through mic

This is great for creating a sound effect or playing music while playing games and talking to your friends.

Many YouTube broadcasters do this by purchasing expensive gadgets such as Audio Mixture. But we can do this without buying those. The 6 best apps are given below.

  • Visible audio cable and soundboard
  • Clownfish
  • VoiceMeeter and Soundbar
  • MorphVox
  • Audio pad
  • Rust Soundboard

This is it for today’s article on “how to play music through mic”, hope it was helpful!

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