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Breakthrough! – Charli Reveals Shocking Benefits of Playing Warzone & Vanguard Season 3

A new battle pass is coming for warzone and vanguard in season three. So all the fans get ready. So through you will get to know everything regarding prices and rewards.

The new season is offering content to earn through progression. The game, warzone, and vanguard are launching on the 29th of April. But players can get ideas through a new battle pass. If the players make success in a battle pass by playing call of duty, they can unlock valuable rewards.Breakthrough! - Charli Reveals Shocking Benefits of Playing Warzone & Vanguard Season 3

There is an upgrade of 100 new tiers in season three, which includes operators and skins, new weapons, and blueprints. There would be 1000 CoD points in the standard version of battle pass. The current version allows the players to access all 100 tiers of the season three battle pass.  A version that costs 2400 Cod points is also available, it is a battle pass bundle. This version allows you to instantly skip the first 25 tiers. But it’s a payable one.

This battle pass bundle version allows players to start directly from 25, as it’s a paid one. Otherwise, players have to start from the first tier. Players can unlock Mateo Hernandez Operator, M1916 weapon, a Daniel skin, shotgun weapon blueprint, and XP boosts if they purchase any version of the battle pass.

The battle pass bundle also comes with three new legendary Beatrice skins. Another update is on new operators and skins. This can be unlocked by crossing the 100 tiers. These can be unlocked midway while reaching 100 tiers.  For one of the operators, every 10 tiers of battle pass players can unlock a new cosmetic look.


Now let’s know more about weapons. At tier 15, players can unlock the M1916  marksman rifle.  This is a semi-automatic rifle with a deadly combination of power and fire rate.

There is another rifle named Nikita AVT assault rifle. This is available at tier 31 and the weapon can excel at both close range and long-range combat.

Players can unlock the Legendary work hazard assault rifle blueprint at tier 5. Attire 24 rare Retrofashioned shotgun blueprints that can be unlocked. Epic fusion core SMG blueprint can be unlocked at tier 59. At tier 65 legendary ship liner LMG blueprint can be unlocked. At tier 95 legendary mixed oxide marksman rifle blueprint can be unlocked.

There are also various rewards available in this season. Players who manage to clear upto 100 tiers can get various rewards. Players can expect to gain a legendary operator skin, legendary weapon blueprint, and in-game titles and emblems at the end.

Breakthrough! - Charli Reveals Shocking Benefits of Playing Warzone & Vanguard Season 3

Players can get rewards for ancestral spirit legendary Daniel skin, amphibian empire, legendary assault rifle blueprint and master duelist, season three emblem, and necograze charm title if they make it up to 100 tiers.

To get free Godzilla vs kong calling cards players can enter their email at the monster verse webpage. This is everything that is known so far about season three. The game is releasing on the 27th of April and players are excited about it. Some of them have made strategies regarding clearing 100 tiers. It is going to be an amazing game, and the rewards are also really good.

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