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What is a Match Bonus, and Are All Casino Players Eligible to Benefit From It?

The online gambling sector is a saturated market, and understandably so. Online gambling has grown in popularity as a form of entertainment over recent years. After all, you can’t beat the feeling that comes from playing a game you love from the comfort of your couch and winning big in the process.

With an increasing number of online casinos popping up all across the internet, they need to be competitive to attract customers and ultimately survive in this cutthroat space. You’ll find that the best online casinos invest a lot of time, money, and effort into the design and graphics of their websites to ensure a superior user experience. Moreover, many of the best casinos provide that their offerings are mobile-friendly, which also allows gamers to play on the go.

Another way casinos attract gamblers is by offering them incentives to open an account with the casino and try out their games. Each casino has its own unique set of offerings from no deposit free spins to welcome bonuses and in-game free spins.

However, all of this terminology can be overwhelming for the customer, and you’ll often find it useful to read the small print if you want to truly understand what you are getting yourself into.

In this post, we’ll focus on one type of casino incentive that you may not have come across but is worth knowing about, in our opinion – the match bonus.

What is a Match Bonus?

This is one of the most popular offers at online casinos. Match bonuses are created with the intention of boosting a player’s bankroll and spicing up their usual gaming route. It is easy to think that it is similar to a welcome bonus, but it’s not quite.

In essence, the casino offers a match bonus on however much money you deposit and offer to match your amount up to a certain percentage. Basically, the casino matches your money and gives you gameplay a nice little boost.

There are variations on the match bonus in terms of the percentage match, and specific terms and conditions will apply, so it is always wise to read the fine print before you start playing.

How Do Match Bonuses Work?

These bonuses can be used like real money when playing online casino games. After all, a match deposit is a duplicate of the money the player deposited into their casino account.

It is essential to be aware that these bonuses do feature caps or limits, which means the casino site will only match the player’s deposit up a point. So you’ll like to see offers such as ‘match deposit up to USD 100’, which means even if you deposit USD 500, you’ll only ever get an extra USD 100.

How Do Match Deposit Bonuses Compare To No Deposit Bonuses?

As previously mentioned, a match deposit bonus requires the player to actively deposit their own money into a casino account to receive a boost. No deposit bonuses, on the other hand, only require the player to register on the casino website. They don’t need to part with any money to claim their bonuses.

No deposit bonuses provide an excellent opportunity for people to try out a new portal or game without risking any money, but they have their own limitations, too, in terms of how you claim and withdraw your winnings.

While almost anyone who is able to open a casino account will qualify for a no deposit bonus, to claim a match bonus, you need to be a depositing player. Match bonuses are therefore best used on games you are comfortable playing rather than those you are simply trying out for the first time.

Granted, a match bonus is probably one of the lesser-known or spoken about rewards mainly because not every player is able to benefit from it. But once you become a depositing player, it’s definitely a bonus you’d like to benefit from.

Are all Match Bonuses The Same?

In a nutshell, No! Not only do match bonuses differ according to the match percentage and the limitations, but there are also several different types of match bonuses available at online casinos

Multiple Deposit Bonuses

Typically, you can only use a match bonus on a single deposit. However, the casino allows you to use the same match bonus on multiple consecutive deposits with a multiple deposit bonus.

Deposit Method Bonus

This is a match bonus based on the payment method used to make the deposit. Usually, you’ll get an extra 5% if you use the preferred payment method for your deposit.

High Roller Bonus

As the name suggests, a high roller bonus is reserved for those who make more considerable deposits. For instance, you’ll be offered a 50% match on deposits of USD 1000 or more.

Reload Bonus

This match bonus is usually a 100% match bonus that is used instead of a welcome offer. This is typically offered to dormant clients of a particular casino to encourage them to return to the portal.

Final Thoughts

In short, match bonuses are one of the many incentives offered by casinos to win customers. They aren’t discussed as much as other bonuses as they don’t have much appeal to those dabbling in online gambling for the first time. However, those who know that they love a particular game and are keen to try out a new portal can prove to make your gaming quite lucrative.