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PlayStation Creators Feel That Metaverse Is Worthless And Be In Troublesome

With the recent news about virtual worlds, it’s impossible to escape conversations on this upcoming metaverse.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the man who brought us Sony Playstation talked about metaverse and how it will depend largely on AR/VR headsets to create noise cancellation for ears but not eyes.

Immersive technology has begun to emerge as a transformative digital platform. It offers an immersive experience that can be accessed with simple headgear and glasses, allowing users of all ages from anywhere in the world to explore virtual worlds or trade goods on metaverse marketplaces – just like they were there! While mass adoption may take years before it’s possible for everyone around us who carries smartphones will see this kind of innovation becomes part-and-parcel our everyday lives; signs show we’re not far off either way.

Playstation creators feel that metaverse is worthless

PlayStation Creators Feel That Metaverse Is Worthless And Be In Troublesome

Ken Kutaragi, the brains behind Sony Playstation said that a metaverse immersion headed our way is simply bad.

The head of Sony’s coined “highest onion” said that he doesn’t understand why people would want to do something in a virtual world when it could be done for real.

Kutaragi compared metaverse(s) to anonymous message board sites, noting that “headsets are simply annoying.”

Kutaragi believes that instead of Silve there should be a metaverse where both the physical and digital worlds can coexist. He sees this as possible with virtual reality goggles on because it would make sense in such an alternate world, but others might not feel comfortable or excited by these prospects (for example if you’re sitting at home watching TV).

Kutaragi is an entrepreneur who’s worked on some big-name products, including the Sony Playstation which was released in 1993. He currently heads up Ascent robotics—a Tokyo-based artificial intelligence startup that strives for progress through innovation and technology like what he sees with his own company 23 years later!

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