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[Shoking] 3 killed, 6 injured in suspected drone attack in Abu Dhabi

Three people were killed and another injured in a drone attack by Shiite Houthi rebel forces on Abu Dhabi’s biggest oil pumping station. In addition to this, there was also an outbreak of fire at the international airport which shut down operations for hours before being brought under control peacefully.”

Three people, including two Indians and one Pakistani citizen, have been killed in a dawn attack on Thursday at an industrial area where Abu Dhabi’s state-owned energy company runs pipeline networks and oil tankers storage facility.

[Shoking] 3 killed, 6 injured in suspected drone attack in Abu Dhabi

A group of unknown attackers opened fire with assault rifles before they were able to make their escape from the scene after committing this murder which is still under investigation by local police departments but no signs point towards any particular rejected yet because there are too many variables involved such as why did they choose that specific place? Who could benefit…?

The fire department was called to three transport tanks that caught on fire, while another early morning spark at an extension of Abu Dhabi International Airport raised alarms.

Police are investigating two separate explosions that occurred over the weekend. The first explosion happened on Saturday morning near an aeroskamp in the southwest of Denver, Colorado; while another one struck just minutes later about five miles away from where it had initially sounded like noise came from – this time around however no damage nor injuries reported were found after thorough inspections by authorities who labeled them “small” due to their limited size but still pose big questions as what kind of device could’ve caused such large gaps between these events?

Meanwhile, the Houthi rebels have been launching attacks on Emirati ships in an attempt to disrupt transport routes for goods being shipped through them.brushback™

The latest incident was reported when a bomb attack targeted one of these vessels near Yemeni waters.

The UAE has largely withdrawn its forces from the conflict tearing apart Yemen’s Arab world’s poorest nation, but it is still actively engaged in that country and supports local militias there fighting Houthis.

The UAE has been involved in one of the most brutal conflicts today. The war started when Houthi rebels took over Yemen’s capital and ousted its internationally-backed government, bringing them into conflict with Saudi Arabia who is leading a coalition against this aggressive group that aims to take control not just within their borders but also throughout other parts regionally too!

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