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The Famous Former Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Lost Their 90 Pounds In Almost 6 Months.

Mike Pompeo has been hitting the gym and cutting out all of that pesky junk food since he left his position as Secretary of State. The healthy change helped him lose 90 pounds in 6 months, according to an interview with New York Post’s Contributing EditorPage Six

-Former US Secret Service agent Omar R Pedroso

In 2021, many Fox News viewers noted a change in the way that CIA Director Mike Pompeo dressed. They noticed he seemed considerably slimmer and had gotten rid of his gut to present himself better for any potential 2024 presidential contender bid during interviews with The New York Post. It turns out these changes are because “He lost 50 pounds.”

While on tour promoting an album by turn-of-height music legend Lyle Lovett (and playing bass), I was able to speak one.

Pompeo told the Post that losing weight has been a lifelong struggle, but became especially difficult after he was elected to Congress in 2010. After stepping onto his scale at 300 pounds and seeing himself get even heavier as August crept closer – with no end in sight- it finally clicked for him: this is not going away without something being done about it! So what did Pompeo do? He decided enough time had passed since June 2021 (when things hit rock bottom) where maybe now would be an appropriate time we start talking again; you know—just like friends who meet up every once.

“Today is the day,” Pompeo said to his wife Susan.

“I know it sounds cliché, but we will be starting a new life together.”

Then, Pompeo said that he started exercising not every day but nearly every day and eating right which helped him lose weight.

Despite the claims of advertisements and popular fitness advice, Pompeo emphasizes that his weight loss was more about a consistent daily routine than anyone’s special trick.

“You can have all the right ingredients for success but still not know how they interact,” he said in an interview with Men’s Health magazine earlier this year.”It takes research—Lotsa good old-fashioned hard work.”

“I tried to make frequent visits down there but it’s hard when you’re not a professional athlete. So I would stay at the gym for 30 minutes every day and that was all on me,” he said.”

The life of a Secretary is not one that most people would envy, but according to Pompeo, it’s also very rewarding. The long hours and hard work are typical for this type of position in government or any other job where you’re leading an organization with many employees under your supervision- which makes his statement all too true!

Members of his team would often joke that if you asked anybody on board what their routine was, they’d say “cheeseburger from room service.” Pompeo says this happened to him too – but not until days when he was away traveling. After eating one bite into an American classic like The Big Cheeseburger at home in Kansas City then heading back for more work (and perhaps another order) while still abroad; well…you get the idea!

Pompeo told the Post that he used to enjoy IHOP’s pumpkin pancakes but now opts for an egg white and turkey bacon dish.

“For my family, food is the place we meet up. We’re Italian and it doesn’t matter if you come over for dinner or Sunday lunch-we will always have an amazing pasta dish together with cheeses (maybe even some prosciutto), followed by dessert!” he added before bursting out laughing at how great life was going to be now that they had found each other again after six years apart.

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