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Brooke Shields Height, Career, Exclusive Details About Her Lifestyle, Net worth and Some Amazing Facts

Brooke Shields tall, lifestyle, Bio

I bet you guys won’t believe these key details about Brooke Shields, from how tall is she to how she made the kick start of her career. These minute yet amazing facts will blow your mind for sure, so by not giving up any extra minute, let’s head on to the amazing yet informative article.

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Brooke Shields? Who?

Brooke Shields is an American actress and model who has been in this industry since her childhood as she started her career as a child model. She has given her phenomenal performances in Television shows, like Blue Lagoon, Endless love. With her celebrated personality and determination, she has been awarded a number of titles in past and that’s how she has become an inspirational woman of Hollywood.

Early Life

Shields was born on May 31, 1965, in New York, USA.
Her mother is a famous actress, model Teri shields.
Teri wanted her daughter to make her name in the industry and when she was only 2 months old, she stated that she will be putting a hell of an effort to help her out in becoming a super actress, model.

Shields was one of those god-gifted children who had been through a lot in the initial days of their career but that didn’t stop her to become such a popular personality.
Teri raised her daughter by herself as she got divorced soon after Shields was born.
In her school days, Shields took piano lessons, learned ballet and horse riding which she was quite passionate about.

Since her childhood days, she had been a hardworking girl and till her teens, she garnered a lot of fame and popularity through her work which led her to be on the list of most favorite young female artists.

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Brooke is one of those kids who are born to shine.
She climbed the first step of her career when she was only 11 months old. She started it with being an 11-month child model for Ivory soap, after that she started doing small roles as a child in various dramas, and later on, in 1980, shields were known to be the youngest model to appear on Vogue cover.

In her teenage years, she was also part of various dramas like Blue Lagoon, Endless love for which she received an abundance of appreciation. She also did ads for Calvin Klein which had given the designer a huge success.

She also received the People’s choice award in the category of youngest female model for four consecutive years from 1981 to 1984. She even published her autobiography in 1985, named, ” ON YOUR OWN”.

She has given a lot of her time to television where she was also known to be the youngest host on ABC’s Fridays.
In the 1990s, she had been part of various sitcoms like FRIENDS, SUDDENLY SUSAN which got her two golden globe nominations.

In between these years of television, she also had played a major role in films and one of those was ” PRETTY BABY” (1978) where she had played a role of a child prostitute, it was her first movie as a leading role actress.

She has made guest appearances on various shows like Simpsons, Hanna Montana due to her versatile personality.



Personal life

Shields had been married twice, firstly in 1997 with tennis player Andre Agassi, and a few years later she got married again to popular writer Chris Henchy.
They two have 2 kids who live in Manhattan, New York City.

Appearance, how tall, physical features, lifestyle

Brooke is 6ft tall and weighs 70 kgs and
After being a 56-year-old, shields are still on a proper self-care routine, which she follows consistently.
Being particular about her brows which are on point have a different fanbase, on which she had said that she never really had spent money to make them look different from any angle. As she is someone who is more towards skin health, gum health is an inner approach, to keep yourself young at whatever age you’re at.

How tall is Brooke shields


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Professionally Brooke has given herself into various fields which include entrepreneur, author, model, actor, produce through which she has double, tripled her worth, and at present, her net worth is $40 Million.

Facts about Sheilds

Shields has been nominated twice for her drama SUDDENLY SUSAN

Altogether she has written 5 books which include her suto biography ‘ On Her Own’, ‘Down came the rain’ which
Has described the journey of her depression, ‘ There was a little girl which has given insights about the life of both her mother and herself.

Brooke is also a spokesperson of Tupperware’s chain of confidence smart girl’s campaign, which is a program that teaches females to nourish and nurture their physical and mental well-being.

She is also the founder of a global community of women of all ages, known as ‘Beginning is now’ which is also present on Instagram having 35k + followers.

Frequently asked questions about Brooke Shields

Q- 1 What’s the name of the autobiography of Shields?

A-1 ‘ on my own’

Q-2 How tall is Brooke Shields?

A-2 she is 6ft tall.

Q-3 What’s the age of Brooke Shields?

A-3 She is 56 yrs.

Q-4 How many children does she have?

A-4 She has two daughters.

Q-5 What is her go-to mantra of her?

A-5 Her approach is to enhance your inner beauty rather than the outer one.

Q-6 Is she a part of any campaign?

A-6 Yes, She is a part of Tupperware’s chain of confidence smart girl’s campaign as a spokesperson.

Q-7 Is she active on any social media handles?

A-7 Yes, she has a verified account on Instagram having more than a million followers.

Q -8 How much is her net worth?

A-8 Her net worth sums up to $40 million.

Q-9 How many books has she written?

A-9 As of now she is the author of 5 books including her autobiography.

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