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Thorogood Boot Sizing (Confused of Picking the Right?) Here are Some Tips!!

Are you a crazy fan of Thorogood boots but confused about which size to select? Chill! Here are a few simple tips you can follow to select the correct size. Check out the full article about Thorogood Boot Sizing. When you are buying a new brand of boot that you are not familiar with, it can be quite hard to decide which size will fit you. When it comes to something from a brand like Thorogood, where you have a lot of options to choose from it is hard to select the perfect size. Thorogood boots also come in different styles and sizes. Here, you will be made clear about the Thorogood Boot Sizing chart and you will be able to select the best pair of boots for you.

Thorogood Boot Sizing:

Thorogood manufacture boots in different styles. Their boots range from long and short lace-up boots to boots with safety toe caps. Pull-on boots and slip-on shoes are also manufactured by Thorogood. The size of these shoes come in different width fitting, men’s and women’s sizes.

For men, the size starts from 5 and extends up to 14. Men’s boots come with varied width fitting sizes from narrow to extra-wide.

Ladies’ boots are available from size 4 to 12. Just like men women’s boots also have four width options from narrow to extra-wide.

In the case of Thorogood professional boots, size varies depending on the profession. Boots are available for roofing, fire workers, military and safety boots.

How do the boots fit?

Generally, the Thorogood boots fit perfectly without any chance for you to regret. Your regular shoe size will fit even in this brand of boots. This general strategy applies to any Thorogood shoes from Moc -Toe lace-up work boot to American heritage roofers boot and for any boot in the Thorogood brand.

Tips for selecting the perfect pair:

Even though there are no specific changes in the size of boots according to the model and style. But the steps for Thorogood Boot Sizing given below will help you to choose the best size of boots in every model Thorogood offers.

Thorogood Lace-up style boots:

While you are trying on a Lace-up style Thorogood boot, try them with your socks on. Particularly, Try them with the socks that you would wear every day. The sock you use every day will be thin and the boot will fit you correctly. If you try the boots with thick socks there are many chances of your boots getting large after using them for a week or two.

If you have orthotics or insoles that you will use every day with your shoes then, take them along while going to shop for the boot. Try the boots with these stuff on so they will fill the space they will occupy every day. This will let you choose the perfect size.

Boot shopping is not the best thing to do first in the morning. As the legs and feet have been resting all night. There may be slight changes in the size. Go for boot shopping towards the end of the day.

While lacing up the boots, relieve pressure on the toe or in the middle of the foot, and with the shoes or boots on your legs go and walk around to know if you feel comfortable in the shoes. Never choose a shoe that applies pressure on the toe. Make sure you toe have more room in the boots.

Thorogood Boot Sizing
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Pull-on Boots :

You can follow the Thorogood Boot Sizing steps given above in the case of these boots too. But, here are some additional  Thorogood Boot Sizing tips to make your pull-on boots shopping perfectly. Don’t choose a boot in which your legs will slip easily. Always choose a pair in which you will have to apply gentle pressure on the heel part of your leg to get your legs into the boots. Once done check if your instep is secure or not? If you have more space like that you can touch the excess material then the boot is too big for you. Heel slip is preferable to a slighter extend in the pull-on boots.

Safety toe caps boot:

When you are looking for a boot with steel toe caps make sure that your foot is placed in the right place inside the boots. Thorogood boots are basically quite spacious in the toe region. But, keep the following tips in mind when looking for a Safety toe caps boot.  The ball of your foot is placed right in the widest part of the boots. Squat your feet with the boots on and be okay with the cozy feeling without any pinching feel in your feet. The safety toe caps boot is large in the toe region and is sure with the size you have selected that your toe is in the proper place and will not be injured by anything heavy falling on your feet.

Thorogood military boots

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Overall view:

Thorogood boots come in different styles, models, and types. So, it is obviously tough to select the perfect size. But, by following the simple Thorogood Boot Sizing tips and hacks that have been mentioned above you can overcome the problem of ending up with an oversized or undersized Thorogood boot. Keep these Thorogood Boot Sizing tips on the list next time you go Thorogood boot shopping and you can purchase a really super comfy well-fitting boot for yourself. Always keep in mind that your boot must be fit but not tight.

Whatever the model of the boot is a perfect fit is very essential. You will never like to have wounds, corns, or blisters on your feet, will you? Follow the tips given above to get rid of all these wrong boot side effects by choosing the best pair of shoes or boots for you.

If you have gone through the Thorogood Boot Sizing tips I have mentioned above, you are very well clear with Thorogood boot size. So,  what are you waiting for go and grab your favorite pair of Thorogood boots?

Are you a fan of Thorogood boots? Did you find our Thorogood Boot Sizing article useful? If you have any personal Thorogood Boot Sizing tips to choose a Thorogood boot leave them in the comments.


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