Best Nail Gun for Crown Molding: [Best Buy] Best Nail Gun, Hacks and Tips to Pick the Best Purchase Now!!!

Crown moldings are installed at homes to enhance the look of rooms and halls at homes. Crown molding is a complicated process and it needs care and patience to be installed. The best nail gun …

Crown moldings are installed at homes to enhance the look of rooms and halls at homes. Crown molding is a complicated process and it needs care and patience to be installed. The best nail gun is a basic requirement for installing crown molding. Nail guns make the crown molding process easy and help you do your job smoothly. Using a hammer can be deleterious sometimes in crown molding. Hammer will sometimes destroy the beauty of your crown molding. But a nail gun for crown molding will assist you in installing the crown molding correctly.

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Choosing the best nail gun for crown molding is very essential. It is tough to select the best nail gun if you are new to this field. So, this article will list some best nail guns for crown molding. You can choose the best nail gun from the list and get it.

List of best Nail guns for crown molding:

1. WEN 61722 18-Gauge 2-in-1 Pneumatic 2-Inch Brad Nailer and 1/4-Inch Crown Stapler Brad nailer:

This is one of the top-rated and customer-trusted best brand nailers you can get. This is the best option for crown molding. This nail gun for crown molding offers you a jam-free, smooth and comfortable experience during your work.

It weighs about 5.2 pounds. It is a Brad nailer that comes with a case. It is air-powered and it comes with maintenance oil, a carrying bag, and two additional wrenches.

It is light weighted and easy to handle. It is provided with a rubber grip. This grip will give you maximum comfort at work. It comes with a magazine which will guide you to remove jams without confusion. It can hold up to 100 brads and it will save loading time. The exhaust port is adjustable. You can drive the nail wherever you want. You can rotate the exhaust in 360 degrees and drive the nails into your target. You can also adjust the depths, the depth-adjustable wheels come in handy.  This nail gun will let you work comfortably. You can buy this with confidence and it will not disappoint you.


2. NuMax SFN64 pneumatic 16 gauge 2-1/2″ finish nailer:

This is another best nail gun for crown molding. It is another excellent product. It will fulfill all your demands for this work. Most of the users have mentioned it as the best nail gun for crown molding. It is a multi-user gun. You can do things such as interior as well as exterior finish and trim staircases, furniture, cabinetwork, baseboards, shoe, and also, window casing, crown moldings, and chair rail moldings. It weighs 4.5 pounds. It is made with aluminum with heat-treated steel parts. It is air-powered.

This is also lightweight and easy to use. It has a comfortable grip and offers you a fine grip. It also has a jam release technology which makes it easier to deal with jamming. It is made of aluminum and is very durable. It is lightweight and durable. This pneumatic nail gun is a cool tool to work with, you can use it on many works. I would say, this is the best all in all Nail gun for crown molding.

3. NuMax SBR50 pneumatic 18 Gauge 2″ Brad nailer:

NuMax Pneumatic Brad nailer is the best one for your crown molding. Unlike most of the top-class nailers, this air-powered brad nail gun is unique, easy to use, and, most importantly, offers an excellent service. It is durable and of very high quality. It weighs 3.3 pounds which is relatively less than the previous one. It comes with a dual spring magazine. It also has a reversible belt hook and a reload indicator.

This is an amazing feature. Its function is to notify you whenever the magazine is empty. With this feature, you will not have any misfire. It can do multitask just like the previous one. It can be used for the baseboard, crown moldings, decorative trim, shoe moldings, base moldings, door installation, chair rails, handrails, door and window casing, and many other projects. This also offers you a good grip. This nail gun is made in the USA. It also has a 360-degree adjustable exhaust, which will help you fire nails as you like. It has a quick-release latch that will not hold you back and helps deal with jamming. This is one of the best nail guns for crown molding.

4. Makita AF505N Brad Nailer :

This nail gun for crown molding is simple and elegant. It will correctly lead you to get your work done. It is the best option for crown molding. It can correctly deliver nails without damaging the crown molding. It weighs 6. 83 pounds. It is a Brad nailer powered by electricity. It has a narrow nose. With the peculiar design of this nailer, you can reach the most confined areas where other nailers cannot reach.


You can work with many different materials with the help of this beautiful nailer. It will minimize the time of work. It has a quick-release cam lock to deal with jamming. This nail gun for crown molding comes with a rubber nose that will leave a spotless working space. You can rotate the tool hook 360 degrees. If you want the best nailer for multiple uses and if you do not have any problem with the depth of the materials, then this electric nail gun will be a perfect option for you. You will have a super comfortable experience while working with this gun.

Nail guns are the most basic tools for crown molding. But before buying a nail gun you must be clear about a few basic tips. Always choose a nail gun with a narrow nose so that you can reach confined regions and work perfectly. Choose the one with a rubber nose. Rubber noses will create less damage to the walls.

Should you buy it?

You can buy electric nail guns as well as air compressor nail guns. While the electric nail gun is very comfortable. It may not be suitable for hard materials. Choose a gun of lightweight material and durable. If you are working on a hard surface always go for a powerful nail gun.

Keep these simple tips and hacks in mind while buying a nail gun. Do you have a nail gun? Did I miss anything in our article on Nail guns for crown molding? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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