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DANGER! Max Verstappen crashed with Lewis Hamilton, From British Grand Prix after first lap battle

Max Verstappen lost control and crashed into the tire barrier after a spirited first-lap battle with Lewis Hamilton. The race was red-flagged for repairs to be made.

Max Verstappen was in the lead of Formula One, but a spirited first-lap battle with Lewis Hamilton sent him spinning into an obstacle. The race then went red-flagged when he crashed out and had to wait for repairs on his tire barrier before continuing.

Max Verstappen’s racing skills have been on full display the past two days at Silverstone as he has managed to beat Hamilton in every race. This time, however, their contact came a little too close for comfort, and Max went off course with some sparks flying from his tire.

Max Verstappen waved to the crowd as he left his car and headed towards the medical center, where doctors would evaluate him. Hamilton was quick to point out that one way they could beat Max is by taking first place at the start of a race. However, in Saturday’s historic sprint qualifying race it seemed like this wasn’t going work again since Max pulled ahead with an early lead–yet another win for Team Red Bull!DANGER! Max Verstappen crashed with Lewis Hamilton, From British Grand Prix after first lap battle

The crowd roared as local favorite Hamilton looked inside of Verstappen, then outside, trying desperately to get around his rival until the contact ended the battle. Charles Leclerc in a Ferrari took over the lead and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff sprinted to race control where he argued against any potential penalty for his driver who was eventually given one anyway after being involved with Max Verstappen just moments before.

Charles Leclair’s sharpness from pole position allowed him not only to take first place but also keep it despite Max Versteppin coming back at him hard on lap 3 following an earlier incident between them which had seen both drivers penalized with drive-throughs for their racing careers’ safety’s sake.

“I was ahead going in there, man,” Hamilton radioed. “I was fully alongside him, my line. Yeah, he turned in on me, man”

Red Bull disagreed.

“That’s an enormous accident and it was 100% Max’s corner,” Red Bull director Christian Horner told race control. “As far as I’m concerned, full blame lies on Hamilton. You could have had a massive accident and thank God he walks away unscathed. I hope you are going to deal with it properly.”

The Dutch driver has won three consecutive races and is starting in the pole-sitter position for a fourth. He holds a 33-point lead over Lewis Hamilton, who hasn’t seen victory since May 9th.

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