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Lego Warned U.S. Company and said to Stop Making Gun That Looks Like Child’s Toy, Its Dangerous

The Utah-based gun manufacturer is taking heat for its customized kit that encases a Glock handgun in Lego bricks – putting the weapon of choice among toy enthusiasts, toddlers, and Batman fans alike into the hands of owners for just a few hundred bucks.

Culper Precision in Provo said to make the Second Amendment “too painful” for people, they want it as a tattoo.

“Here’s one of those childhood dreams coming to life, the Block19 prototype, yes you can actually build Legos onto it,” the company announced on its Instagram page. “We superglued it all together and surprisingly it survived a little over 1,500 rounds in full auto at Shootah this past weekend.”


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The customization options for firearms can be expensive, with the cost varying depending on the design. Some of these designs are very colorful and could really change a person’s overall look when they go shooting in their backyard or at an outdoor range.

“The idea is that customers who have a Gen 3 or 4 Glock 19 with a black polymer frame and have already purchased an aftermarket blank slide … can send that in and we will return a Block19 to them for around $600,” the company’s president, Brandon Scott, told the website.

LEGO and its customers quickly responded to the company’s newest product, a modified toy gun that could be turned into an actual firearm. Comments were swift across social media with some calling it “the most irresponsible” they’ve seen in awhile while others said making guns appear like toys is not worth it because of safety concerns. The kit was no longer available on LEGO’s website Wednesday after Culper Precision received a cease-and-desist letter from Lego for violating their design patents.

What started as a creative idea for Lego’s Technic series, the toy company quickly learned that its attempt to create an engineering set had backfired.

The kit was no longer available on the company’s website Wednesday after Lego sent Culper Precision a cease-and-desist letter regarding their custom design of gun parts and YouTube instructions on how to modify Legos into realistic firearms.

Lego has demanded that the company stop production of its Block19 kit, citing patent violations.aflac,culper precision,block 19,lego gun,makita handgun,block19,lego glock,what time does the loki episode come out,block 19 lego gun,culper precision lego gun,block 19 gun

The inventor Scott Culper told reporters his company had only sold less than 20 kits before complying with Lego’s demands to halt construction and destroy all existing inventory.

“They had a similar reaction to you,” Scott told the newspaper. “Where it was like: ‘Is it wise to make a gun look like a toy?’”

Legos are not only for children, they’re also firearm-encasing. A New York attorney says that a Lego encased Glock could be illegal in the state because it is disguised to make it look like something else (a toy).

An Attorney from the Giffords Law Center told The Washington Post about Legos and firearms. He said there isn’t any federal law stopping guns from being made to appear as toys but New York State prohibits residents disguising their firearms by making them look like something other than what they really are – meaning this Lego-covered gun may break some laws!

Culper has been overwhelmed with joy and happiness over Block19! It’s a match made in heaven, they say.

The Culpepper Arms Company is very grateful for all of the attention that it received worldwide from its new product: Block 19. In their statement released yesterday on their website “, they emphasize how rewarding this opportunity to talk about shooting sports enjoyment can be.”

The company said it built Block19 to show new firearm owners that guns aren’t just for law enforcement types or past, current military members.

The Lego spokeswoman confirmed Culper has agreed to remove the toy from its website and stop making anything similar in the future.

  •  Lego’s new toy gun has backfired
  • The company says it built Block19 to show new firearm owners that guns aren’t just for law enforcement types or past, current military members
  • 20 kits of Block 19 was created before the request to stop production and destroy all inventory



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