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Sal Vulcano gay? SHOCKING NEWS!! for the admirers of The Impractical Jokers’ star Sal Vulcano’s sexuality!

Sal Vulcano gay? TRUTH REVEALED!

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Sal Vulcano gay: I’m back with one more interesting, exciting yet shocking news for you guys right here on Instachronicles. There is not a single person who says “I DO NOT like the comedy”… Weird, isn’t it? Like I’ve never heard it from anyone at least. And if you watch comedy shows and all, then you must be knowing “The Impractical Jokers”, Have you?

The Impractical Jokers show is hosted by 4 members named “James Murray”, “Brian Quinn”, “Joe Gatto”, and none other than “Sal Vulcano”. This group has a particular name and that is The Tenderloins which was formed in the year 1999. The popularity increased of  The Tenderloins the ver next decade and they finally premiered their first-ever show on TruTV in Dec 2011.

As the name suggests, four jokers play various funny pranks on each other but the output not always comes out as the people’s laugh rather their pranks go wrong on themselves when it does not seem even a bit funny to some people! There is a ritual to punish the loser who does not work up to the mark of the other three members.

And Sal Vulcano is the only member who usually gets punished, but here he deserves applause as he always takes his punishment seriously and completes it graciously. Today, we are going to talk about Sal Vulcano’s personal life, his love life as well his personal cost which he paid for the show, “Impractical Jokers”! And find out the answer to the question – Is Sal Vulcano gay? So, stay tuned!

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Sal Vulcano and his life –

Sal Vulcano gay

He was born in Staten Island on Nov 5, 1976. He is an Italian with Cuban as well as Puerto Rican descent. He has three sisters as Jenna, Kelly Ann, and Diane. His parents divorced when he was pretty young and this was one of the reasons that he is too close with his mom and she always counts on him.

She used to live in the garden apartments and the man living upstairs her died as she clashed to his house and told him that his ghost will come to her and mess with her life. She was scared of this and came to her son to feel secured.

He met all the three members of the group while in college and then they grew apart for a while and then again reunited and formed this group.

Sal Vulcano gay?

Sal Vulcano is one of those celebrities who like to keep their personal life private and do not share much about it. Especially, he keeps his sexuality a top-secret but once in one of the episodes of the Daytime Talk Show with Sally Jessy, he said that he is gay. After he announced that, his friend, James Murray opened up and agreed to the fact that he is gay.

The most shocking thing for all the viewers was when he declared that he called himself gay in the public to encourage his friend to come out as gay while unveiling his sexuality in front of the public. He said that he is now happy about the fact that his friend came out of the closet now and that is the reason he brought him to the talk show. He is not gay but he knew that if he could come out as gay if he would say that then his friend will also reveal his sexuality and admit that Sal Vulcano gay.

Sal Vulcano gay

But the funny thing was that James turned out to be a normal man and definitely not gay. So, all the struggles of Sal Vulcano went to veins. And this was confirmed when he has engaged Melyssa Davies. Even after his prank gone viral, he did not talk about his love life.

But it does not mean that he doesn’t believe in love at all. He is an appointed minister who officiated the wedding of Joe Gatto. Optimistically, Sam Vulcano will let us know more about his love life as well as his personal life though it is proven wrong that Sal Vulcano gay.

Jaden Smith’s tattoo for Sal Vulcano –

As I mentioned earlier in the article that he is the one who gets punishment more often out of all four members. So he lost the prank and got punished and told to get a tattoo of James Smith on any part of his body and he did that punishment properly.

He showed his new tattoo to Jaden Smith at a Comic-con event. He said to Yahoo TV in one of the interviews that he literally put his pants down and show the tattoo to James Smith which is on his right thigh. James was quite gracious as well as surprised about it.

Sal Vulcano gay

These guys know each other so well and each of them knows what to say and when to say to them about anything. Their prank might go too far for others but they don’t think so. Once in an interview with The Buffalo News, Sal told that they know each other for the last 28 years and it would be a shame if he still does not know them well, he will not be their good friend.

He said they know that where they all can go to and where they can not go to. Though it is not as easy as to make any of them offended as they are pretty thick-skinned.

The bottom line is “Sal Vulcano gay” is nothing but was a prank done by himself only. Did you find our article on Sal Vulcano gay useful? Did I miss something in Sal Vulcano gay? Do you want more articles like Sal Vulcano gay? Comment below:

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