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One of the most played games in 2020 and even now, is Among Us. Ever since the lockdown began and people have been in quarantine, new trends and games started to get recognition, to kill time when locked at home with not much to do. Among the games that gained a lot of popularity and started to be played among every friend group and in every household, was Among Us. Even now, in 2021, Among Us is still one of the most played games ever since then. Yes, Among Us is a free game, but still, you would definitely want to have Among Us Mod Menu when in a match with your friend’s squad. 

So, why require Among Us Mod Menu when Among Us is already a free game? What makes Among Us Mod Menu so popular? What is the game all about? We know these are some of the most frequently asked questions, and thus we are here to address them all through this article of ours. So read on to know everything you need to about Among Us Mod Menu and why you need it.

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What Makes Among Us Mod Menu so popular?

Among Us is a game with its theme based on space. The game takes place between Crewmates and Impostors on a spaceship. A map is given to each player at the beginning of the game with a list of tasks given on the map. The crewmates have to complete all the tasks while finding out the Impostor simultaneously. And on the other hand, the Impostors are assigned with the task of killing off all the crewmates, destroying all the systems, and creating chaos. 

As soon as a player is killed off in the game, he or she takes the form of a ghost, and cannot be seen by the other players, unless they become ghosts too.

Players can inspect the various surveillance facilities available in the game, to identify the impostors. 

The voice chat feature is not available in Among Us, but you can talk through the chat option with other players in the game.

Game settings, skins, costumes, pets, and more are available in the lobby. Players can visit the lobby anytime to change the game settings.

There is a voting option present in the game, through which you all get to decide and eliminate the impostor.

And here comes the best part of the reason why the game gained so much popularity while people were locked indoors in quarantine, separated from the rest of the world- The game can be played by 4 to 10 players. So, you can play this unique game with your entire friend’s group, while sitting in the comfort of your own homes, away from each other, separated by the pandemic.

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Also, the graphics of this game is very different from other games, which people actually find cool and adorable in a way.

Now, let us move on to see why use Among Us Mod Menu instead of the original Among Us game? 

Read on to find out about the features the latest version of Among Us Mod Menu would provide you with.

Among Us Mod Menu

Among Us Mod Menu Special Features:

  1. Cute Graphics: Like we already mentioned, this game has some interesting and adorable graphics that make you unique when compared to other games out there on the internet. Not only that, every character is designed in such a way that they are very easily distinguishable from one another.
  2. No Kill Cooldown: In the Among Us game, there is a kill cooldown present, while in Among Us Mod Menu the kill cooldown feature has been removed, as a result of which you can go on increasing your number of kills without having a single worry.
  3. Visible Ghosts: Earlier in the article, while talking about the Among Us game in general, we mentioned the feature in which once a player is killed off, he or she turns into a ghost, making them invisible to the other players. Only ghosts can see other ghosts. Once again here, in this case, Among Us, Mod Menu provides you with an added feature. With Among Us Mod Menu you can see all the ghosts even while your character is alive in the game.
  4. Wall Hack Feature: The Among Us Mod Menu once again has got your back with its Wall Hack feature. The wallhack feature in this version helps you see the things happening on the other side of the wall, giving you an added advantage over other players.
  5. Instant Kill Feature: If you are an impostor, this feature could come in handy for you. With the help of the Instant Kill feature in Among Us Mod Menu, you can kill off all the other players in an instant, even before they realize what’s happening.
  6. Lighting Hack Feature: The Lighting hack feature in Among Us Mod Menu helps you see even in the dark, giving you an upper hand over the rest of the players in the game.
  7. Proximity Chat: Now with the help of Among Us Mod Menu, you can chat with your close friends separately while playing the game.
  8. Unlimited Money and Skins: In the latest version of Among Us Mod Menu, all the skins, hats, pets, etc, everything is already unlocked in it.

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Among Us Mod Menu

How To Get Among Us Mod Menu in your android device?

Well, the steps to get Among Us Mod Menu are quite simple.

First of all, uninstall the already installed Among Us game from your device.

Now, download Among Us Mod Menu from the download link.

Once the game is downloaded, open it and click on the “install” option.

And you are all set for your Among Us match with your squad.

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Among Us Mod Menu

And no, do not worry about safety measures. It is completely safe to use Among Us Mod Menu, so go have a great game! We will see you in our next article. Until then turn on your notifications and stay tuned to Insta Chronicles.

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