Discovery Plus Mod Apk(2021) : Fast Download | Stream your Favorite Show for free!!

Looking for a source to watch online documentaries or pick up some real-world knowledge, for free? Discovery Plus Mod APK has got you covered.

Whenever it comes to web series and anime, you will always come across certain free online streaming sites, even if you do not have a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription. You turn around and ask your friend if they know any site where you can watch Netflix series for free, they will instantly name a site. Sometimes your best friend even lends you his/her Netflix id and password to watch a certain movie which you cannot find on any free site. But what about when you wish to watch a documentary about the real world? Or learn about what is trending in the world in terms of politics or mother nature? Immediately you will fall at a lack of free sources. Your best friend has a Netflix and an amazon prime account, but he/she does not have one for Discovery Plus Premium and does not even bother to have one. Go on, ask someone for a free site to watch some interesting documentaries, most people will just point you towards YouTube, but every time you land up on YouTube, you do not find sufficient good quality or reliable content? So, what do you do now?

Well, no need to worry anymore. We have got your back.

There is this amazing and really cool application called Discovery plus Mod Apk. You will find almost all your answers to the outside world here, and really interesting documentaries, that will help you learn something new while being hooked to it. So now, who knew learning could be so much fun?

Discovery Plus Mod Apk


Features Of Discovery Plus Mod Apk:

Access To Several Educational Channels

It is an education-centric application, therefore almost every educational channel is already available on this app. No more going around all over the internet looking for something. You can also find all your favorite educational discovery channel shows here. Moreover, more than 3000+ TV channels are ready to watch. Just use the Search panel to watch your favorite television show or movie, with a few clicks of your finger. 

User-friendly Interface

This application has an extremely easy to use and very user friendly interface. Every streaming platform should be designed in such a way that users have an easy time going through it and getting what they want. And this application makes sure, you face no difficulty searching for your favorite Discovery, TLC, or BBC show. Every option provided is very straightforward. Do not know exactly what you are looking for? Still not a problem. Just type the keywords on the Search panel, and a list of options of shows is displayed before you. No more feeling like a technologically handicapped person, every time you surf through a new application.

Save Videos for Offline Use

Traveling to the countryside for a boring family ceremony, but do not know how to kill time with a poor internet connection before you? Fret not. Now you have the option to save videos of your favorite shows and documentaries to watch later. You can watch videos now whenever and wherever you want. All you have to do is save the videos for offline use. And what’s even better, you have the option to choose the video quality from 360p to 2k. 

Smart TV and Fire TV Stick Access

All you have to do is install this application on your Smart TV, and Voila! Your favorite educational show is up on a big screen for free. Lie down on your couch and enjoy your favorite show with your big bucket of popcorn.

Subtitles In Your Preferred Language

Quite often the documentary you are watching may be in a different language altogether. While most apps provide us with English subtitles, in Discovery Plus Mod Apk you can choose the language of your subtitles from a list of different options. Even if you are not very fluent in English, or would rather love to enjoy the show in your mother tongue, it isn’t quite a problem anymore. Once again Discovery Plus Mod Apk is at your rescue!

Vast Number Of Channels

Discovery Plus Mod Apk provides you with about 3000+ TV Channels to switch between. You can find almost all popular TV channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, History TV 18, and many more.

Now Let Us Talk About The Price Of such an app with so many amazing features.

Discovery Plus Mod Apk

It is FREE, duh!

Just head down to the link provided at the bottom of the page, and download the application, and you are all ready to roll. Your premium subscription is enabled for free in your Disney+ application.

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Specifications of Discovery Plus Mod Apk:


Name: Discovery Plus

Developer: Discovery Communication India

Latest Version:  2.1.0

Google Play Link :

Price: Free

Size: 17.48 MB

Category: Entertainment


Steps To Download Discovery Plus Mod Apk:

How to download and install the Discovery Plus Mod Apk:

To download and install the game, follow these simple steps given below.

Discovery Plus Mod Apk Installation Guide
To install the app, do the following steps:

  1. Download Discovery Plus Mod Apk from our Telegram Channel
  2. Install the APK. Allow installation from an “unknown source” to install it.
  3. Go to the last page of your home screen, and you should see the app.
  4. Could you tap on the app and enjoy it?


  1. Download Discovery Plus

It will take a few seconds of your time before this application gets downloaded to your smartphone. The download process is very easy. You will find a link below, attached to this article. Go down there, and click on the link provided. As soon as you click on that link, the application will be downloaded automatically. All you have to do now is open it through your File Manager.

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  1. Installation of Discovery Plus Mod Apk

As you were just told, you will be required to open the application in the file manager, So go to your file manager, as soon as you go into the file manager on your phone and click on it, you will see the interface opening right then in front of you. Now, you will see the option of an install button provided above the interface. Just click on the install button, and your application will be installed. The steps are easy and simple to follow, and your Discovery Plus Mod Apk will be enabled for free, within no time.

Requirements For Running Discovery Plus Mod Apk:

The operating system of your smartphone needs to be at the least Android 4.4+ or above, and you need an internet connection with adequate data for running the app and streaming shows online`.

The following link will direct you to a page from where you can easily download the application:


Happy Streaming!


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