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Gangsta: All About Season 1 and The Unlikely Gangsta Season 2-

Gangsta Season 2

The ending of season 1 was so controversial but fans are still hoping for Gangsta Season 2. Know everything about Gangsta Season 2 below:

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Gangsta- The Manga:

Japanese Gyangusuta translated as Gangsta in English is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kohske, that has been published in Shinchosha’s Monthly Comic @BUNCH since 2011. Inspired by it, has been created an audio drama series, an anime television series, and an original novel. In July 2013, Viz Media announced the take over of Gangsta in North America, with plans to release a new volume on a tri-monthly basis. Soon, the manga went ashtray due to the writer’s ill-health. However, on 20th May 2017 publication resumed with full force. The manga then inspired a new spin-off series called Gangsta: Cursed EP_Marco Adriano, which began its journey in the fourth volume of Quarterly Comic Go Go Bunch magazine which was illustrated by Syuhei Kamo. It got published on 9th April 2014 and focused on mafia Marco Adriano, from the original manga. Go Bunch ceased its production near 2018 after Viz Media announced its license on 20th December 2016, renaming the series Gangsta: Cursed. Go published its final volume on February 9th, 2018.

Gangsta: The Anime:

The anime adaptation of Gangsta was to be created as a wrap-around on the sixth tankōbon volume in Japan. However it was later announced to be produced by Manglobe as an anime TV series, but that was from the production house went bankrupt. Fortunately, the series began its journey with ABC, Tokyo NX, TV Aichi, and BS11 on 1st July 2015. Directed by Shūkō Murad and Kōichi Hatsumi, character designs by Yōichi Uefa, and music by Tsutchie, the series went on to be an instant hit. The opening theme “Renegade” is created by Stereo Dive Foundation, and the ending theme “Country of the Night” is performed by Annabel.

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The Gangsta Storyline:

The “Handymen” of the city of Ergastalum Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo are mercenaries up for business on jobs no other can perform. Battling the police and the mob syndicates simultaneously the duo has to be prepared for fights unimaginable. After having completed the contract of murdering a local pimp the Handymen take up another member: Alex Benedetto who’s a prostitute also designated towards elimination contracts. She joins the contractor due as to protect herself from forces that want her dead and gone from the nasty city she is bound to call home. However, the criminal realm is going through a revolution that is going to shake up the delicate balance of power. Earlier, Ergastalum used to be a haven for “Twilights”: a race of superhumans born as a result of a series of experiments on special drugs, who are now being mercilessly chased down by a ghastly underground organization. New threats are bringing up new challenges that foresee a coming war, will the Handymen survive it? To know more about the future check out the release date of Gangsta Season 2 below:

The Gangsta Handymen:

Worick Arcangelo: (Voiced by Japanese: Junichi Suwabe & English: Ian Sinclair): Worick Arcangelo (formerly Wallace Arcangelo) is Nic’s partner. He has been a gigolo since he was thirteen and views it as his main job. Nic worked as Worick’s personal guard, bearing witness to the abuse his father put him through. Nic killed Worick’s abusive family (with Worick’s permission) twenty-two years ago in a fit of psychotic rage after witnessing Worick’s father press a lit cigarette into his left eye, which to this day he wears a patch over. He suffers from hyperthermia and carries an M19 gun.Gangsta Season 2

Nicolas Brown: (Voiced by Japanese: Kenjiro Tsuda & English: Brandon Potter): Nicolas Brown or Nic, is a “Twilight”, or someone with superhuman abilities gained from the drug Celebrex. Nic is the result of a former West Gate mercenary named Gaston Brown sleeping with a Twilight prostitute. Gaston had impregnated the prostitute for the sole purpose of avoiding the expense of hiring a Tagged mercenary and murdered the woman after Nic was born. Nic was abused by Gaston, who saw him as nothing more than a monster. He is deaf, and communicates primarily through sign language, but has traits exceptionally strong vision and lip-reading skills. As a child mercenary, he was hired by the Arcangelo family to be Worick’s bodyguard. Like all Twilights, he is identified by the dog tags that he wears. With his natural ability, he is a B/5 level Twilight but gains A/0 level by getting high on Celebrex.

Alex Benedetto: (Voiced by, Japanese: MamikoNoto & English: Felicia Angelle): Alex Benedetto or Ally, is a former prostitute. She joins the Handymen after the police have Nic and Worick eliminate the gang she was working for, and Worick decides to spare her life. Alex was previously under the control of Barry Abbott, who is suspected to have drugged her to keep her submissive. She only remembers a few things, including her name, and later it is revealed that she is not from Ergustulum, the setting of this series, and other reason she is not familiar with life in there. She is learning sign language to communicate better with Nic, and on several occasions has comforted Worick when the latter was in the throes of a nightmare. She is a calm, caring person who is unafraid of violence when Worick, Nic, or Nina, are threatened. She is revealed to be a talented singer and occasionally works for the Cristiano family in that capacity. She has a younger brother named Emilio, who she worked to support, but hasn’t seen him since childhood.

Gangsta Season 2 Information and Release:

Gangsta Season 1 consisting of 12 episodes ended on 27 September 2015 and consisted of a rather controversial ending with the unpredictable death of Doug. However, the chances for Gangsta Season 2 of the anime Gangsta seem to be quite low.  This is due to its comparatively low ratings than other thriller anime series of similar niche. As an unfortunate add-on to that, the writer of the series is known to be suffering from an un-referred, chronic illness that has no new floating news whatsoever. Moreover, after the last season aired the production house Manglobe filed for bankruptcy. Thus, irrespective of the existing and expectant fans of the show, Gangsta Season 2 is probably not to be seen anytime soon.

Gangsta Season 2: Details

Gangsta Season 2 is not going to release soon. so the fans don’t make their hopes high. The reason why Gangsta Season 2 is not going to release soon is that the director of the series is suffering from some illness. Gangsta Season 2 will probably release by the end of 2021. Till then stay connected with us to know more about Gangsta Season 2.

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