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Dragon Ball Legends Mod apk(Unlimited powers) v2.18.0 Unlimited Money + Damage!!

Dragon Ball  Legends Mod apk was one of the favorite anime that children use to watch and now has converted into a game. Now all the fans irrespective of age can play on their phones by downloading this Mod APK. You can download it for free, its size is 85M and is compatible with the 6.0 version of Android.

Dragon Ball Legends Mod apk


It is a Japanese anime created by Toriyama and it was one of the enjoyed cartoons, miss those cartoons nowadays. The story is based on a child named Goku who is trained in martial arts and fights various villains. He joins in a mission with Bulma where he has to find seven orbs known as Dragon Balls when all collected a wish would be granted. There were other evil forces also finding the seven orbs and thus Goku fights them. The second part was also released Dragon Ball Z where Goku’s son is trained, yes Goku becomes a family man.  Gohan is his son’s name and they both fight together, the characters were funny and weird. The action and magical powers were amazing and would continuously watch without batting an eyelash.

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As nowadays every movie and series are turned into games for people to download and enjoy, Dragon Ball Legends Mod apk is one of them. It is a mixture of card and action game, meaning the characters will fight according to the command the card has. It is a story, you will have to complete the journey and in between fight with other players. Yes, you don’t have to fight in built enemies but other players from all around the world, and it will be amazing like the cartoon. So, here are some important points to remember regarding Dragon Ball Legends Mod apk:

  1. Learn the basics and combat system before jumping right into the game, it will help in fighting.
  2. You can send out some non-crucial members of your team to collect loot which will help you in quests.
  3. Of course, collect the Dragon Balls to have an upper hand on the opponent. Using them will make your chances to win high.
  4. When you are playing the energy ball will keep filling automatically, use it against the opponent to turn the tables.
  5. Here, the hero is not important other members are far more crucial in this game, so ditch him if possible.

The game is not from Goku’s point of view but it is based on Shallot, trying to regain his memory. Dragon Ball Legends Mod apk is available for Android and iOS.

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