WhatsApp Plus | Benefits and Features | Double Emoticons + For Android

When WhatsApp Plus comes to necessary applications for a smartphone, then WhatsApp Plus is indeed included in the chronicle of those essential apps. Whether it is Android or iOS, smartphones can’t go dismissing this application. 

The popularity of WhatsApp achieved heights in such a quick duration of time. It has subjugated more than a million users on its database. In fact, considering this immense popularity, the app has earned and made about 1 billion active users at present. 

So that it is an official statement, WhatsApp has said, “Unsupported apps, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or apps that claim to move your WhatsApp chats between phones, are altered versions of WhatsApp. These unofficial apps are developed by third parties and violate our Terms of Service. WhatsApp doesn’t support these third-party apps because we can’t validate their security practices.” and also WhatsApp Plus is very useful for those who want to create a business so that you can easily gather people and start your business and also your privacy is safe.

Interestingly, several third-party apps have also appeared to compete and act as a substitute for WhatsApp in one way or the other. The most popular of all these modified versions is WhatsApp Plus. Here’s everything you should recognize about this modified version of WhatsApp: 

WhatsApp Plus

What makes WhatsApp Plus distinct from WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp plus is a modified version of the distinguished messaging App, WhatsApp. Initially, the modified version for WhatsApp showed up in 2012, when a Spanish creator called Rafalete initiated it to the users. 

The distinction doesn’t lie in the user’s license, because it is the same as the original one, but in its distinct features. The most extraordinary characteristic of WhatsApp plus is its remarkable visual themes which change its look entirely.

WhatsApp Plus

Considering these visual themes, there are about 700 themes encompassed in WhatsApp plus where we can also sort these visuals according to their names, version, and date of modification. Well, the original app doesn’t include any such features of visual themes like this.

Further, WhatsApp plus comprises double the emoticons available in the actual WhatsApp. The most interesting part of all is that it also makes additions to the emoticons from Google hangouts. 

However, the problem lies in when you send these emoticons to someone who doesn’t have WhatsApp plus in their smartphone. The issue that emerges is that these people won’t be able to see these emoticons unless they download WhatsApp Plus.  

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WhatsApp Plus

What are other extraordinary elements included in the modified version?  

Likewise WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus also involves the feature of hiding last seen. However, the addition that we look upon is making your existence negligible on WhatsApp Plus that might obstruct the other users on WhatsApp. 

Additionally, WhatsApp plus users can also edit and modify their files according to their file size. Here, we can alter the file between 2-50 MB for sending it to the other users on WhatsApp, along with retaining the quality of the picture. 

WhatsApp Plus

Apart from these features, WhatsApp plus also provides numerous menus for editing the impression of the icon and the internal aspects. Some of these menus include changing the size and colors of the widgets and the Header and size of the contact’s picture. 

Further, it also comprises changing the Header, size, and colors of chat images, and altering the color of the launcher icon. Interestingly, we can also change and modify the appearance and the size of the pop-up notifications. 

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WhatsApp Plus

What are the benefits and flaws encompassed in using WhatsApp Plus? 

WhatsApp Plus includes a lot of useful elements that can be put up with the full advantage. The most crucial of all is hiding online status. This feature allows the users to hide his/her last seen or online status from other people on WhatsApp.

The second of all the benefits is hiding typing status where we can hide our typing highlight from other users while typing in the message. Thirdly, the modified version incorporates a cleaner feature that enables users to cancel and remove all the nonessential chats. 

WhatsApp Plus

Apart from these three features, WhatsApp Plus also incorporates unique wallpapers, Auto response elements, Customization, multiple visual themes, Sharing files, and Security with locks. 

Talking about the disadvantages, the above of all is its slow update. Here, the users have to wait for months to gain up an update for the modified one. In addition to this, it also involves some legal issues where users can’t find it on PlayStore. 

Even though it is banned from PlayStore, it is accessible on numerous other sites on Google. Without any doubt, using this app involves some legal issues of legality and authenticity. In fact, we can’t deem this app as an unlawful one, but it also cannot be categorized into legal ones. 

WhatsApp Plus

How to download WhatsApp Plus for Android devices?

In the first place, the device should fill up the requirements that are needed for downloading and using WhatsApp plus. The most crucial of all is downloading the link from third-party sources.

Apart from this requirement, you need to have a working internet connection on your device and Chats Backup. Downloading the modified version is an easy task to do. So, just follow these steps mentioned below: 

The first and foremost thing is to allow the ‘unknown source’ pick from your device settings. Now, the next step is to download the modified version file from any third-party source. Thereafter, open the file from the notification bar. 

Last of all is to install WhatsApp plus by clicking on the install button from the pop-up menu that comes up. Finally, you can launch the application now from the home bar of your device. 


Additionally, downloading the new update of the file will bring you some fixed bugs. It also puts forward some modifications in the anti-ban procedure in the modified version and translations in numerous languages. 

If you are looking for these above-mentioned features in some messaging applications then WhatsApp plus is the perfect pick for you. However, some security questions involved in this modified version also might not appease you. So, it’s completely your call for downloading the modified version or not.