Among Us Mod Menu APK [Full Hack] Always Imposter+speed hack {No Ban}

Among Us Mod Menu APK, will you kill or save the crew?

Would you like to find yourself in the shoes of an investigator or that of an impostor? This is the whole question that arises when you decide to play a game like Among Us. The apk can be downloaded for free from Playstore. The game interface is simple and suitable for almost any age. Get all the details about among us mod menu apk.


There are two important aspects to consider with Among Us. Either you are on the good side, or you are the villain of the story. In either case, you must play your part to the end.

Among us mod menu apk hack

The crew

You may be called upon to join a space shuttle team. As a member of this crew, you will have a role to play. As you already know, it is necessary that all the compartments of the crew work by mutual agreement for everything to run smoothly. Therefore, you will go in common with the others to prepare the trip and ensure that everything is operational.

The impostor

In another scenario, you may be called upon to play the role of the impostor. So everything is normally going, you integrate the crew of the space shuttle with everyone, and your role is assigned to you. But unlike the other members, you have a dual mission. Keep up appearances and sabotage the shuttle.

The aim of the game

If you are in the shoes of the impostor, you must remain anonymous at all costs. Among Us appears, so to speak, as a sort of spy novel à la Agatha Christie, where the culprit is one of those who can be considered the indirect victims. The impostor must do everything to achieve his goal, even if it means eliminating overly curious members.


On the other side, the other crew members scramble to pull the impostor out of his shadow. It will not be easy since he is Among Us, that is to say, Among us. The task does not look easy, and the players will be confronted with a spirit of suspicion and paranoia, which risks more harm to them than the impostor himself.

Highlighted Features of Among Us Mod Menu APK/iOS Hack :Among us mod menu apk hack

Auto Imposter Hack
Auto Imposter Hack means if you activate this hack from among us mod menu, then you will always become an imposter in the game and can have fun with your friends.
Wall Hack
You can walk from the wall no need to find a secret path to kill or takedown enemies; you can walk from wherever you want.
Speed/Fly Hack
Speed hack/Fly Hack means you will be able to move fast in comparison to your friend’s walking speed. You can use this hack by activating hack from Among us mod menu.
No Kill Cooldown Feature
Using this Among Us MOD APK/iOS allows you to get zero kill cooldown time, which means that you can make double or triple kills all by yourself. This is by far the coolest feature that you get in this Among Us MOD Menu Hack APK/iOS.
See ghosts and chats Feature.
Using this feature, you can see Ghosts and Chats, which will immediately let you know who the imposter is. This is a great deal if you are a Crewmate, and you will become the star of the crew and thus become a hero in front of your crew.
Wall Hack Feature on Among Us MOD APK
Using this hack lets you see through walls and obstacles, and thus it is a convenient hack. When used with the kill the farthest player hack and 2D radar hack, this is the most advantageous hack in this game. This will help you even kill the farthest player by detecting it using the 2D radar and avoiding walls and other obstacles using the wallhack.
Instakill Hack on Among Us MOD APK
This feature helps you quickly kill players in succession without any time delay and comes very handy to you in this game if you are playing an imposter’s role, leaving the crew members clueless with no time to react to it.
Lighting Hack on Among Us MOD APK
This hack enables you to see even if the lights are out and helps you in many ways giving you an upper hand in detecting other players in the game, be it crew members or the imposters.
Unlimited Skins, Hats, and Pets
This Among Us MOD Menu Hack APK/iOS also gives you unlimited skins, hats, and Pets so that you can do a little showoff to your crewmates.
Among us iOS Hack v2020.9.9
We have uploaded among us for iOS also which have same features as APK(Android). The Among Us iOS hack that we uploaded does not required Jailbreak, just install as normal app you do in your iOS device and play the full of entertainment Among us iOS hacked version in your iOS device. We will not discuss about the features again as we have already discussed the features above.

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How to play?

Tracking down the impostor will, therefore, not be easy. Fortunately, there are tools you can use in Among Us to make this happen.

  • The games can be played online or offline. The game assigns you a role you don’t really choose. Online, it’s a multiplayer mode where no one knows who the impostor really is.
  • Players can use the chat integrated into Among Us to chat with each other to find the ship’s saboteur.
  • It is important to find the impostor before the ship takes off, or it risks an explosion.
  • There is also the possibility of interacting with objects in the shuttle to help find the impostor.
  • Finding the impostor also supposes carrying out or verifying the tasks assigned to a particular member to understand where the sabotage comes from.


  • When chatting, the crew members will have to decide who the person is to shoot.

Game featuresAmong us mod menu apk hack

  • Among Us is offered in a multiplayer mode where you will be between 5 and 10 players.
  • It is the same when you play locally.
  • The game is free to download, you can also play it for free, but it includes purchases.

Among Us apk mod

You might think at first glance that Among Us is an easy game. It won’t be easy for you to find the impostor in the shuttle. You are even very likely to fail most of the time. In other words, it is everyone’s intelligence that is at stake here. The more manipulative you are, the better you can fool the members of the crew.

But your strategies and your way of playing will be limited by the free version, which includes purchases as we have just made you understand. To overcome this limitation’s locks, you can equip yourself with the modded version of the apk. Among Us modded apk will allow you ke of several tools that will make it easier for you to investigate or destroy.


As an unlocked app, this version will not be available in the Google store. You will find it here on our platform. It is free to download.

How to Download

Follow this step to download

Among us mod menu APK Installation Guide
To install the app, do the following steps:

  1. Download Among us mod menu APK from our Telegram Channel
  2. Install the APK. Allow installation from an “unknown resource” to install it.
  3. Go to the last page of your home screen, and you should see the app.
  4. Could you tap on the app and enjoy it?



If you are tired of all those games in which the scenario is already predefined, you need to download and install Among Us. You will never be able to know in advance what is going to happen, let alone how. Anything can happen, and the shot can come from anywhere. The game can be downloaded for free from Google Playstore and includes purchases that will make your job easier. Having said that, you can also install the modified version of Among Us to enjoy the same benefits as the version with purchases.

Download Among us mod apk Free

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Among us mod menu hack apk [Always Imposter+Speed Hack]

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