Free Fire diamond hack giveaway:

After PUBG, many game companies are starting to develop gripping action and adventurous game to attract gamers. One of the many games among these is Free Fire Diamond. Free fire diamond hack is among the trendiest games.

It is well-liked by the players, and it is available on the tablet and mobiles. The game is now hacked by Garena named as Free fire APK. It is available on all Android smartphones also IOS like iPhone, iPad and many more.

The game already has a lot of downloads. However, the most exciting news for the players in the giveaway—10,000 FREE FIRE DIAMOND Every week in your free fire account. Yes, you heard it right. The giveaway for all the lovers of this game is to earn 10,000 fire diamonds all for free. It might just be the thing what all the players might want. You can buy things like characters, outfits, weapons, vehicle skins, and much more.

Know you might be wondering on how to get the free fire diamonds. Watch this video till end.

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Overview Of The Free fire diamond hack:

Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game. It is easily available on mobile phones. The game places you on a remote island for 10 minutes. There you play against the 49 different players. Amongst all the chaos players choose their own safe zone and drive vehicles, become invisible, hide, and this is all to survive and answer the call of duty.

How To Purchase Diamonds using Money?

  1. Top-Up

As the name suggests, you can buy any amount of diamonds with money. Here you need to pay for receiving the diamonds.

For $0.99, 100 diamonds can be purchased. A maximum price of $49.99 can give you up to 5600 diamonds. In addition to this, you might get free diamonds on your first top-up as a reward.

  1. Weekly Offers

The game has a weekly offer which allows different players to earn a different combination of items. In this, a probability of discounted item is much more.

Furthermore, if you wish to buy weapons, then the royale vouchers with diamond is a must. It is likely that a player can buy diamonds every week in the offer.

  1. Membership

A membership is the most required as it allows you to get diamonds a little more than the top-ups—there two types of memberships.

  1. Weekly Membership – In a weekly membership, you can get up to 60 diamonds daily. In total, you get around 420 diamonds. The price of the weekly membership is INR 159. I think this is a lot and players can use it according to the requirement. But if you want more diamonds, then you should definitely go for a monthly membership. The account of the player is automatically renewed after a week.
  2. Monthly Membership – The monthly membership costs INR 599. The monthly membership provides a total of 2000 diamonds. Well, 2000 diamonds are a lot more than the earlier one, but the price is also high for it.

Rather than top-ups, it is a better option. The membership provides diamonds at a cheaper rate. Some benefits, such as an S-VIP card can be earned by purchasing the membership. In addition to that, if it happens to be a first purchase of the player, they might get a hundred extra diamonds. Isn’t it a great deal?

The developers mostly suggest not using any hacks or tricks to win the game as it may lead to the account being closed of the player. So, it is better to use legal means. It is also not fair for the other players.

But if you want to know the trick to 10,000 diamonds then watch the video till the end.

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