Michelle Obama speaks about the Racism she has been gone through when she was First Lady and after White House!!

Michelle Obama sometimes opens up with her feelings and thoughts on the various things which contemporary happens in America. Recently, she stood up and spoke about racism throughout her life. She said that she had been gone through racism against Africans in America. She said that many white people American doesn’t respect truly Africans in America.

Recently, Michelle speaks up in the latest episode of the podcast named The Michelle Obama podcast. In which she said that the white community doesn’t understand a person that in the workplace, people talk over you every time or they even don’t see you.

Michelle Obama, First Lady

Many of the people think that people don’t come up with an irregular situation in their life when they are in a high position. But somehow, in some aspects, they are wrong. Michelle said that she had been gone through that. She talks about an incident Michelle was standing with two black females in the soccer uniform. In front of them, a white woman was coming towards them. But she cuts and changes her way from them. And they were reacting that she didn’t even see them.

Michelle Obama, First Lady

After that, when white women cut them, she unnoticed it. And she didn’t even apologize to them by realizing that she did some wrong thing to them. Along with it, she didn’t even recognize that woman was Michelle. What she acknowledges was a black person or a group of a black person. Or maybe she didn’t remember like they’re that much invisible.

Along with it, Michelle also gives an incident about it when she was the First Lady. She said that when she was in the White House for eight years, she used to walk into the dog canal. Where people come to fed her dogs, but they didn’t even look into her.