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Nazanin Mandi shared hot pictures of her while photoshoot in a bedroom: ‘i belong to the sheets’

image by E! online

Nazanin Mandi is a social media addict. She really loves to post her pictures on social media at any time and anywhere. Fans also love her pictures, whatever she posted. If you don’t know who Nazanin mandi is, so let me tell you the story of Naznin Mandi. Nazanin Mandi is an American model and actress. She is also a singer and media personality. Recently she posted three photos in which she looks fantastic and sexy. She did a photoshoot in her bedroom and revealed everything that was there in her bedroom.

image by nazanin mandi

Nazanin mandi shared a photo on Instagram in which she didn’t wear anything. In fact, in this photo, she showed off her bedroom interior. She did a great photo shoot that everyone loves it. In the first photo, she lay on the bed and bind her hand with another hand and look straight into the camera. She focussed her eye on the camera. She didn’t wear anything in this photoshoot. She is giving gorgeous pose in these photos and the second photo, she lay on the bed and put her hand on the head and looked straight into the camera. In the third photo, she is laughing and hide half her face. In these three photos, she posed the same but give some different looks and expressions.

image by solmaz saberi

She continuously shared photos on Instagram, where she posted five photos together. In the fourth photo, she captured a unique angle that is the side angle, and in this angle, she is revealing her upper body. In the fifth and last photo, she again holds her hand in front and looks from the side in the camera. Her pillow cover in green, a trendy piece of cloth. Her hair is curly and short that adds a plus point in her photos.

Nazanin has married Miguel, who is also a singer. Nazanin captioned her photo, “I belong to the sheets.” Fans really liked her photo a lot. She got 65,720 likes. Many people commented on her post and give so many compliments on her post. Many fans appreciate her new look.
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