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iPhone 12: What to (and not to) perceive from this upcoming model? When it is releasing?

Undoubtedly, the iPhone indexes high for the most radical and game-changing things in the world. Apple Inc. has never languished to amaze the audience with its unique models. In fact, the company has also made it to the top of the most expensive publicly trading corporations. 

The company is set to release its latest model this year in 2020. As we all know, the iPhone 12 is regarded as one of the most awaited smartphones of all time. The inquisitiveness regarding the launch date has been taking off rounds for such an extended time. 

But it looks like, it has also got delayed onlooking at the circumstances that are arising around us. Well, the exact reason behind the postponement still keeps up hidden. Nothing has been cleared out from the official authorities yet. Here’s everything you should know about the forthcoming model of the iPhone: 

iPhone 12

When is the iPhone 12 launching? 

The news regarding the next batch for iPhones came in the early part of 2020. Nevertheless, the second news deeming the release came in the autumn of 2020. The autumn news declared that the original launch period in September was shifted for some more weeks now.

The company also said that it wasn’t conceivable for the company to release it then. Interestingly, this official statute was confirmed by Apple’s CFO named Luca Maestri who claimed that the release was postponed for more time. 

Further, he cited that this would take a few weeks more than what was actually expected. In accord with some of the latest Twitter posts, the latter has come up with the facts that things might also go on their initial track with September as the launch period for iPhone 12. 

Additionally, other validities claim that due to some secrecy issues in the firm, the company might postpone this for next year, which means for 2021. Yet, some of the renowned YouTubers and pirates expect this to be out somewhere around mid-October. 

iPhone 12

What design changes are coming up with the latest model?

Analyzing the several leaks and reports regarding the upcoming model, it’s quite confident that the foldable iPhone model is positively not appearing this 2021. This latest model is coming up with some of the most awaited design modifications that will surely please you guys. 

The first and foremost element is the notch, which is expected to be scratched or modified this year. Basically, Notch encompasses all those sensors that are required in a smartphone. So, according to some of the recent leaks, the notch is not going to get revoked this year. But there are some probabilities that the size would seem a little bit smaller than before. The reason behind this is the screen bezels that are thinner this year. 

Other fascinating components are the cameras, color options, and screen sizes. In accord with the recent leaks, the smartphone will have four cameras this time, along with the flashlight in the middle of the four lenses. Also, some trusted statements expect that there will be three different sizes and one unique color for the latest iPhone this year. The list of these sizes includes 6.7 inches, 6.1 inches, and 5.4 inches with the addition of navy blue color. 

What are the new features introduced in the iPhone 12?

Previously, the last model of the iPhone was all about its triple cameras and night mode. But, this time Apple is pulling out with some of the interesting features of all time. Interestingly, these components comprise 5G service, 3D Cameras, Touch ID, and Ultra-short range 802.11ag Wi-Fi.


As we all know, Apple has been bringing this 5G service for a long time now. In fact, the company has been in preceding dealings with about two firms namely Intel and Qualcomm, for the modems that are wanted for a 5G connection. But now, both the companies have vacated Apple’s needle, leaving it all helpless. 

Alluringly, Apple Inc. has agreed to come up with a fresh modem for itself with which it can work with the 5G service. Nonetheless, things may take time and the latter cannot be created before 2021. Further, the next newly enlisted feature in the iPhone involves the 3D Cameras with the time-of-flight rear cameras.  

The most interesting fact is that this time the company is bringing up with it some of the freshly made patent grants. This would enable the user to unlock the smartphone through a fingerprint that is located just under the OLED screen. In fact, this will cover and make less cost as compared to the budget spent on the previous models of the iPhone. 

What’s in the iPhone 12 box this time?

Talking about the price for this latest iPhone, the model is expected to cost you about $749. Basically, this price is somewhere a rise in what was charged from the users for the previous models of iPhone. However, some validities claim that the price will be lesser than the previous price for the iPhone, this means it would range about $649. 


Since 2007, Apple has been bringing up quite similar and exact things in the box for the iPhone users. The box fairly has the same variety of attachments, but this year it seems unique. According to some validities, it is quite unavoidable that Apple Inc. is not holding up any charger or headphones for its users this time. 

Well, this might seem bad for some of you guys. But, there are some reasonable explanations behind the company doing such an act. The reason that works is that many of you might have 2-3 old chargers that you don’t use, considering the new charger and headphones which are bought with the new smartphone

So, the basic aim of such an act goes both financially and environmentally, that Apple is thinking of taking in such a change in the box-set for the iPhone. In short, it’s obvious that the company is coming up with a new design for the box this time. Well, we guys have to wait for receiving an official authorization from the company’s side. 

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