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Experts are Terrified to see the late actor’s Robin Williams Documentary. Read to know more about him and his family.

Robin Williams was all in the news when he died a few years ago. Everyone considered his death as an inside. People assumed that his worse medical conditions and damaged brain provoked him to commit suicide. Robin Williams appeared in an interview a few days before his death. He said that somewhere he has lost himself. His doctors and neurologists said that it is unbelievable how Robin Williams is able even to walk. His documentary named ‘Robin’s Wish’ revolves around Robin’s life and how his health conditions deteriorated during his last days. The movie also told the reason behind his death which leads to the end of all the assumptions which was created by people Robin’s death.

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Robin Williams Documentary: Robin’s wish.

Robin Williams was referred to as ‘Freaking Warrior’ in his documentary. His last difficult days he went through filled everyone with tears. The documentary also had Robin’s wife, Susan Schneider, his doctors who treated him throughout his illness, his close friends and colleagues. Everyone poured their heart out for the late actor. All his family revealed the tough time Robin Williams went through. All these things were kept hidden from the public. The actor and his family never spoke about all this in public. Robin Williams’s personal, painful life was kept secret, and it came out in society in the form of documentary. According to his family, thedocumentary does not have a happy ending, but it takes up deep in the actor’s life and informs us about the tough times the Robin Williams was in when he took his last breath.

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Also, this documentary will remove all the thoughts that people have in their minds. Some people still believe that the actor died as he was suffering from addiction and that provoked him to commit suicide. He had Dementia, and even professionals are also concerned about this disease. According to Neurology, Dementia leads to anxiety within a person that deteriorates a person’s health. It also damages a significant part if the brain. His wife said that Robin never let any sadness or disease come on his face. He fought with bravery throughout. She said that Robin’s wish was required to make people aware of this disease and whatever Robin faced in his life.