Hotstar Mod APK, Features of Hotstar Mod v11.7.8 APK, Watch IPL for Freee!!!!

Hotstar is one of the most popular video streaming applications. After Disney has obtained it this year, it has begun to appear with more aspects. It has first launched in 2015 and a streaming companion of the cricket world cup 2015. After the internet uprising in the latter decade, several people have appeared online. Most of these people wish to spend web content. There are several streaming apps present online which have billions of business in their strategy every month. Online streaming apps have fulfilled a new fun basis for people. Hotstar mod apk will help you to get the premium feature for free.

Watch IPL for Free with Hotstar Mod APK:

if you are a big IPL fan then you came to a perfect place because by using this Hotstar Mod APK you will able to watch free IPL match you don’t need to purchase a premium pack to watch the IPL match. This app will give you all the access to download and watch all the premium content which is only available for a premium member, you will able to watch all the matches in IPL for free. So get this app now Join Our Telegram Channel also!

Because today’s maximum people do not contain much time to stare tv, so they use their smartphone to get entertained. So that the Hotstar could be convenient and used at any time, as it also had Disnep+, it also consists of many anime movies for the children. Hotstar mod apk will allow you to use premium things without a premium subscription.

Hotstar Mod APK

Moviemakers also began to initiate their films on this platform as it had many audiences. Moreover, the creators are also receiving tremendous responses from Hotstar. One can attach Hotstar to big systems like Tv or monitor to make a pleasant experience. Hotstar not only restricts to films or web series but also streams several shows. And even some games entertainment like Cricket, Football matches. Hotstar not only exclusive in India, but it also had different foreign concerts and also available in several countries. Moreover, it enables many features and entertains all age groups, including children.

App Name Hotstar Mod Apk – Premium & VIP Subscription
Size 13.96MB
Version 11.7.8
Last Updated 18 August 2020
Developed By MarioDev

Features of premium Hotstar mod Apk:

The Hotstar Mod v11.7.8 APK delivers you with all the premium elements of the Hotstar app that a bonus and VIP member earns. You watch all of the Indian and Foreign events, films from Bollywood and also Hollywood. Also, all websites on the Hotstar forum and some high athletics entertainment. Here are some features it holds.

No annoying ads:

While operating Hotstar Mod APK, you will not get disturbed with unnecessary ads. There will not be any ads between any shows, web sequels. In this app, all the app gets damaged. So it permits everything to see without any distractions.

Live streaming and sports:

Sport is a massive source of entertainment. Everyone likes to see cricket, football game, and other movies also. There is also a vast sum of the audience in our country who wishes to watch cricket and various other games. This app helps you to view all categories of sports content and directly available through the app. The most excellent part of this app is that you can stream all the sports contests live through this app. Its the only app that gives all the subjects at the same time.

All permissions removed:

Nowadays, all other apps need some specific permissions to make it work. But in here, Hotstar premium v11.7.8 doesn’t raise a question for any annoying agreements. One can use the app without providing any consent. Also, make safe that no private details are going out through your device.

Other premium features include hidden VPN services, availability of download choice for videos, and also, it doesn’t require any log on and many more.

Download Hotstar Mod APK v11.7.8:

Hotstar Mod APK

The installation of this app is also the same and comfortable as other apps. But you need to keep some of the aspects in mind before installation. So let’s analyze all those steps.

Read more:

Click on the download link, and it leads you to the download page of the Hotstar app. There you will get the real link. Then click on the download link and allow it to complete. After the completion of the download, install it. Know that Android usually doesn’t give a permit to launch applications from different sources. Manually enable the selection of downloads through various sources from your settings.

Hotstar premium Subscription plans:

Hotstar Premium had two subscription schemes. And they comprise a monthly plan priced at Rs 299 and an annual plan of Rs 999. With either of two programs, users get a permit for all of the OTT platform subjects. They contain American Shows, Hollywood Movies, Live streaming of sporting exhibitions comprising cricket, IPL, and Formula 1 without any limitation. Hotstar mod apk has a lot of new features which you can get by only downloading Hotstar premium mod apk.





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