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Call of Duty Mobile Wall Hacks/Aimbot Download!! Call of Duty Mod apk Download.

It’s 2020 and the Mobile hack version of  Call of duty mobile hack apk is finally here. Gamers have been waiting for this for a very long time. And finally, you have it. The mobile hack version has many features that will amaze you. As the game is very famous, it has gained a lot of fans after the mobile version came out. And the quality of the game has not been compromised at all. The quality of the game is really up to the mark.

What are the features present in the Mobile hack version of Call of Duty?

Get to know all the features in details of Call of Duty mobile hack here.

1. Aimbot: Aimbot also called auto-aim is one of the most famous features of the game. The feature gives the person the power to kill anyone without even trying. Aimbot traces the players on the map and makes them visible to you. It is almost impossible for someone to not get tracked by an aimbot. You can kill your enemy just by a single shot.

2. Wallhacks: It is the second most used and loved hacks of Call of Duty. It’s a software that upgrades the properties if the wall when you are playing Call of Duty mobile hack. Once you have installed the software for the Wallhack. It automatically makes you see through the walls. Be it a building or any surface that has blocked your view., This feature even lets you track your enemies’ health. These are very difficult to detect. So, many gamers use it to make their game easy.

3.Radarhack: It’s pretty to the point hack. It helps you to track your enemi4s on the Map. Also, shows you a minimap which shows all the positions of the other players. It can be used as a huge help.

4. Triggerbot: A variant of Aimbot is also called Triggerbot. It automatically hunts down your enemy or your competitor when they come in your way. Even if you aren’t fast, the Trigger bot will automatically kill your competitor if they come in your way.

How can you download Call of Duty hacked version?

Here are steps by which you download the hack mobile version of Call of Duty mobile hack:

  1. Download the OBB and apk file of Call of Duty, extract on your device.
  2. Extract OBB data zip file in Phone/Android/OBB/folder.
  3. install the game and enjoy it after launching it.

What kind of additional features are given in Call of Duty mobile hack?

You will get to enjoy tones of features like Aimbot, Shoot to aim, Shoot to jump, No weapon recoil, Shoot to prone, Jump when Shot, Players name change, Increased Jump, Wallhack, Prone When Shot, No Radar Visibility, etc.

What happens if you hack Call of Duty mobile version?

Call of Duty mobile hack has always been targeted by hackers because it’s one of the most famous games in the market. And for hackers it’s fun. But the question is what happens when you get caught.

According to our sources, you can get banned from the game if you are caught cheating. It usually happens when someone else reports you. Then the necessary steps are taken. Firstly, if there are any videos or photos of you cheating then the team of COD will take action from there. But, you will not get banned just by a report. The investigation is done by the responsible team and if you’re caught guilty then say bye to the game.

There has been a high rise in the number of cheating cases in the Mobile version of  Call of Duty. It is a huge issue especially in The battle royale and Warzone of the latest release of the game.

The Mobile hacked version is free to download and all the features are automatically unlocked when you download the hacked version of Call of Duty. So, what are you waiting for, go and enjoy your hacked version of the game but play wisely and try not to get caught.