Queen Elizabeth to land in Los Angeles in order to face Meghan Markle who is allegedly destroying the reputation of the royal family. Read to know the full story.

Meghan Markle is in news and talks since she decided to leave the royal family. She shifted to the US with her husband, Prince Harry, and her one-year-old son, Archie. The couple decided to free themselves from all the royal duties. When Queen Elizabeth came to know that her grandson and granddaughter in law is the part of Finding Freedom, she blamed them for destroying the royalty of the family. Firstly, the Queen gave the responsibility to settle the matter to Prince Charles and Prince Williams, but nothing improved and even the things got worse than it was. Then Queen Elizabeth decided to go to Los Angeles and settle the whole matter as she realized that she is the only one whom Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will listen to.

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Queen Elizabeth to land in Los Angeles.

After seeing so much of a nuisance in her family, she has decided to end it all. She has planned her visit to Los Angeles and confront Meghan Markle. At the age of 94, it is very risky for her to travel in this pandemic situation in the world.

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According to reports she has ordered her team to arrange all the protection measures required to travel. She has managed to arrange everything required for the 11 hours flight to reach California. She will meet Meghan and Harry in their lavish mansion worth $ 20 million. According to the sources bookings for various rooms in a 5-star hotel in California have been made for Queen Elizabeth. The book launched with the help of Meghan last week bought a huge shame and embarrassment to the royal family. It reveals how the royal family members have mistreated their daughter in law, Meghan.

It also revealed how Meghan Markle felt unprotected in the palace. So the couple had no other choice except to leave the royal family and live their life independently. But Queen Elizabeth said that this is only a one-sided story. So seeing all this 94-year-old, Queen Elizabeth is reluctant to go to Los Angeles to have a conversation with Meghan and Harry and solve all the ongoing family issues.