PUBG Hack Anti ban: Pubg Mod apk with XMod script Anti-ban. Updated mod

PUBG Hack Anti-ban 2020: PUBG has been a lot of influence on gamers. Since the release of the gaming app, it has millions or billions of downloads, and the craze is still on-going. It even got banned once due to players who played the game all the time, but now it is back. PUBG Hacks in 2020 are now viral, which lets you play the game with an upper hand.

Everyone might not know what PUBG stands for. It stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is an online multiplayer battle game with great action and shooting experience on the mobile. The game allows up to 100 players parachute onto an island and searches for weapons to kill others while defending themselves from others. The available safe area decreases with time, and after the encounter, the last player or team standing wins the round.

Why is PUBG tremendously popular? 

If we talk about popularity, it is not only focused on one or two points but more than that. PUBG is a full-on package for all the shooting game lovers. The players certainly get what they expect from the game. 


One of the most popular reasons behind its stature is its extensive multiplayer support where players can join in with their friends in a group. Apart from playing with friends, they can also join in with random unknown players from around the world and play with them. 

Subsequently, players have commenced accepting this as an earning way with live-streaming their PUBG game on their respective YouTube Channels. With more people engaging and contributing towards the game, the YouTuber earns more of it. Thereby, the vogue is on an elevation phase. 


ESP PUBG Hack For Mobile Phones

ESP stands for Enhanced Sensory Perception. It means the sensory perception of a player is enhanced in the game. This allows the player to get information about the other players, which even they are unable to see. It is a handy hack as far as seen. It helps you to know the location, name, health bar, location of crates and loots, and many more.

The process of enabling the hack is not too complicated. However, it would be best if you had the patience for everything. Many say that PUBG Hack of 2020 is anti-ban, and it does not get you banned for a lifetime.

However, I will tell you safe steps. Follow the below steps before downloading the PUBG Hack Anti-ban:

  1. Play a few matches with the hack.
  2.  For the first few days, use it only in the lobby.
  3. . You can use it later after getting the hang of it.
  4.  Be careful not to get banned.
  5.  Use the PUBG Hack on your own risk.


There are several hacks, such as:

  1. Unlimited UC Hack on PUBG Mobile – This hack allows you to get complete or unknown cash UC. The currency for playing PUBG can be earned for free by this hack. It is used to buy your favorite outfits, skins, and accessories for free. This is done by using the PUBG Mobile UC generator. It transfers the UC to your PUBG account after registering into it.
  2. Unlimited BP Hack on PUBG Mobile – BP, also known as Battle Points in the game, are points received after every battle. They are used to improve and upgrade your aesthetics in the game. It also helps to get your favorite skins and outfits in the game. This Hack makes you feel confident and show-off to your friends.
  3. PUBG Mobile Wall-Hack – The hack helps you to see through the walls and obstacles in the game. It also allows you to locate your friends and enemies quickly.



4. PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack – Aiming is very hard, and as it is a shooter game, everyone has to shoot. This is a mostly used and fascinating hack. Without any hardship, you can defeat your enemy. However, you have to be the most careful while using this hack as the developers of the game are just waiting in search of you.

5. PUBG Mobile Speed Hack – This hack helps you to increase the speed of the user. When used with the Aim-bot, it is the most destructive one.

How To Download And Install all these Pubg Hack?

To download these Pubg hacks watch this video till the end.


Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is one of the most successful online multiplayer games of all time. Without any doubt, the game is spreading its branches to a considerable extent, and here we have PUBG Hack for you. 

Its popularity is discerned more among the Indians than any other country’s citizens. Along with this, people all over the realm have begun showcasing their skills and masteries in regards to the game. 

What do we know about PUBG and its Gameplay?

It is the fascinating graphics and the gameplay that is behind PUBG’s tremendous popularity. The game earned an incredible quantity of players in such a short period. 


Well, the most interesting fact about the game is its origination. Here, the game is a motivation from a Japanese movie titled Battle Royale. The game is all about fighting with ammunition, where all the players battle and wish to become the last individual standing. 

The battleground game lets the players explore numerous locations where they can hide and revive themselves. Besides, the motive is also to kill and locate our enemies at various locations. 

Recently, the developers released the details about the anticipated update for PUBG. The update is in succession to the last update labeled 0.19.0 update. Isn’t it fascinating that the revamped version of the Erangel is showing up in this update?

What is PUBG Hack 1.0 Update bringing in for all of us? 

Interestingly, we are expecting the fresh update to arise with some of the much-awaited components. The most awaited of all is Erangel 2.0 that is expected to arrive somewhere around next month. It is predicted that there will be some edits in the visuals and infrastructure of some constructions. 


Besides, there are positive additions in the hiding places at numerous locations where players can hide. With some modifications in the reserve junctures, there are more upswings in the siege, trenches, and some useless tanks. 

Undoubtedly, a fresh user interface is appearing for you guys in this upcoming update. Additionally, now players will be able to mark up their unofficial group track journey that is edged to follow during the match. 

For the next one, it is evident that you have a good smartphone where you can operate with Ultra HD graphics efficiently. Yes, you read it right. The developers are finally coming with Ultra HD graphics. So, that doubles your excitement about Erangel 2.0 in Ultra HD Graphics. 

The ultimate of all is a change in Vehicle Control Customization. Here, the players will be able to modify and control the way the button looks on the screen. So, this brings in manipulation with much easier steps than before. 


Is there any hacked version for PUBG?

Alluringly, there is a modified and hacked version for PUBG, which goes by the name PUBG Mod Apk or PUBG hack. 

PUBG has evolved as one of the most downloaded and played games of all time. Furthermore, there is an elevated possibility that the idea of fitting as the best and a  respectable player in the game would have flinched your psyche a thousand whiles. 

The most exciting thing about this hacked edition is that the participants get endless Battle Points. Also, there are some chances of getting endless UC for combating with the other players in the field. Well, there are zero harms in using this hacked and modified version only at the cost that you are playing on it just for the sake of fun. 

Essentially, the thing that would come up in your intellect is about the certainty that how this hack is distinct from the original game of PUBG. Well, the most extensive part about this PUBG Mod apk is its essential features. 


What’s fresh with the latest update for the hack? 

The fresh update will include not only essentials like Automatic aiming, endless UC, and war points, but also various other unique techniques for winning. 

Moreover, the original one also contains some fascinating features like Aimbot, Distance Scope, No grass, and No sake scope. Besides, there are some other elements too that are not of much use in the game, which include Small Cross Hair and No Sake Camera. 


Apart from this, the original hack also keeps ajar all the skins accessible and gives the players some unique Rapid-fire abilities. Here, the players can enjoy PUBG hack without any skepticism of getting banned or blocked by the other players. 

However, a slight sliver of attention and care fullness is a must while playing with this hacked version, and else you might get banned too. Some of the newly enlisted features encompass Enemy Box, Enemy Line, Nearby Enemies count, Show vehicles, and 360° alert.


The most fascinating of all is the wallhack element where the players who are playing on the hacked version can hold on this ability while others cannot. Under this feature, the players can clench upon the potential to glimpse their opponent behind any barrier. 

How to use this hacked version more safely? 

The first and the foremost thing that is to be taken care of is not to use hack features like aimbot or speed because this might get you blocked. Now, the next safety measure is to not kill the whole squad whole by yourself.

Furthermore, the second important thing that is to be kept in mind is about cleaning the cache of PUBG Mobile. Always attempt clearing the cache just after every third or fourth match in PUBG Mobile.

The ultimate safety measure guide includes not playing very obviously or like a pro, and not killing more than 20 opponents in a single match. Further, you should always make usage of hacked virtual spaces. 

One method to play the hack in a safe mode is also to play the game on two devices at the same time. You can try all the hacks, but with some cautiousness about your plays.