Kendall Jenner has a face tattoo not by choice, it is a drunken mistake she lives to regret.

Kendall Jenner is a world-famous and the highest-paid model according to 2017 Forbes. Before modeling, she was already known for her family tv show Keeping Up with Kardashians.



Her full name is Kendall Nicole Jenner and she will soon celebrate her birthday on 3rd November. She is the child of Bruce and Kris Jenner and has nine siblings. Kendall is raised in a step-family, her actual mother Nicole died during birth. Kylie Jenner is her own sister while the other eight are half-siblings. Her modeling career started when she was 14 and in 2015 she got her big break. She is also an ambassador for Estee Lauder and doing her best in affiliate marketing. A lot of charity work is done by her and the family such as raising money for children’s hospitals and spreading AIDS awareness.



Kendall parents hate tattoos but children are rebellious they do what they want to do and it’s correct. So Kendall has three tattoos, two on her finger, and one on her lip. The two tattoos on her finger are dots and a broken heart. The broken heart one she did it with her best friend Hailey Beiber (Justin Bieber’s wife). The thing is those finger tattoos was her conscious decision and was her choice while the lip one was…

She revealed that she hates her lip tattoo which is ‘meow’ can’t imagine how hurtful that must be. But the good news she must have not felt the pain as she was drunk. Yes, the reason she regrets it because she was drunk when she decided to have a tattoo. Now, when you are drunk you don’t remember shit what have you done. The senses are all numb and end up doing something regretful, and realizing after getting sober.

So Kendall Jenner also had her fun but at a cost of a tattoo, she wished she didn’t have. This incident is a reminder of a movie Hangover 2 where Stu ends up having a tattoo on his face which he also regrets. Well, there is always an option of removing it, if not liking it.

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