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Strike The Blood season 5 soon: to know more about story, release date, casts then keep reading this


Strike blood season 5 is releasing soon, are you guys excited? this is the most popular anime series ever. Recently it’s fourth part was released. And now the next season has been also announced for release. Many people are excited to know that the fifth season is releasing this year.

strike the blood
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When is it releasing?
This anime series has released its first season in October 2013. This series in the first season had 24 episodes where this series run down till March 2014. This became very popular among the fans. The second was released in 2016. the third one was released in December 2018 and the fourth one was released this year in April 2020. These all-season broadcasted on the AT-X channel of Japan. Now the Makers announced that the first two episodes, volume 2 has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, and volume 22 will be finalized for telecasting. Fans have to wait for season 5 that will be the last season of this series.

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Who is in the cast?
Our old casts are precious for us so they all are coming back with their thrills. Kojou Akatsuki, Yukina Himeragi, Asahi Aisa, Sayaka Kirasaka, Natsuki Minamiya, Nagisa Akatsuki. But there are also new members who have been attached to this series in the fourth season, Ayaka Asai as Yuno Amase, Seiichiro Yamashita as Rui Miyazumi, Saya Aizawa as Shizuri Castiella Kasugaya and Soma Saito as the blood. You can watch its fourth season on Netflix. These characters are also favorite as well as the old cast we have.

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What is the story and what will happen next?

This anime series is like a magic show you watched where everyone showing their talent to us. A boy Kojo Akatsuki is a powerful vampire. In school, everyone is showing their powers. Demons are also in this series. We don’t want to be your spoiler that’s why you should watch all the Strike the blood’s season. You will entertain by this, the most. And the next story is not revealed by anyone so stay up to date we will tell you soon what will be the story, till then keep assuming for the story and make yourself curious.

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