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Black Widow a Marvel movie is a better choice than Milan for Disney+ because of the following reasons…

Mulan movie is based on Chinese mythology and is a live-action version of Disney’s 1998 animated film. The film could not be released in theatres because of the pandemic thus Disney+ will stream it for $30.

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Everyone knows Black Widow and every Marvel fan is going to watch it no matter what. It will also be good for Disney+ as it will make the subscribers happy, why this is a better choice

  1. Marvel Movie:- Every movie of MCU is interlinked with each and few casts make an appearance in other’s solo movies. Black Widow a.k.a Natasha has been a part of Avengers and now her story is shown which no one is going to miss.
  2.  Disney+ Subscribers:- As we know how expensive Marvel movies are and they just not recover it but make a profit. It is because of the huge and crazy fan following, Black Widow is going to be the same. The movie might come for premium and people are sure short buy the premium to watch it.
  3. Talk of the town:- The craze for Mulan is big and some people are waiting for the live-action movie on Disney+. But more people are crazier about Black Widow and Disney will cater to a much wider audience. If an option is given, very few are going to pay $30 just for Mulan and rather take the premium.
  4. Some people are comparing Mulan to Trolls: World Tour which is completely false. They are not the same, Mulan is live-action remake and Trolls is animated for kids. Although it did not release in theatres, it printed cash on an online platform.
  5. Later on, Mulan might be free to watch on Disney+ so why to waste money now. The reputation of Disney remake into live-action is not good and no one is going gaga about Mulan. It might be good for cultural diversification but no one is going gaga all over Mulan movie.

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Natasha sacrificed her life in Avengers: Endgame, after that the movie is a must-watch like giving a tribute. Mulan is a great movie but nothing compared to Black Widow and $30 for Mulan not sure about that. Enjoy both the trailers to decide.