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George Alexander Trebek gets on his death bed after suffering from pancreatic cancer for almost a year now!!! What’s his say in this, considering his non-fearing attitude?? Get all the details Inside!!!!

George Alexander Trebek is a renowned Canadian-US television personality. The luminary has hosted a number of prominent shows comprising High Rollers, The Wizard of Odds, Double Dare, To Tell the Truth, and Classic Concentration. 

Apart from this, he has also got featured in some well-known television series and movies of the Hollywood industry. Sadly, George Alexander Trebek’s happiness wasn’t that long driven as he was detected for cancer. 

When did the actor come to discern about his Pancreatic cancer? 

The detection came to pass a year ago in March when the actor was perceived with fourth phase Pancreatic cancer. 

George Alexander Trebek

Alex got to know about this when he felt some indications of the disease followed by a stomach ache. In May  2019, he got partially opened up about all the therapies he was undergoing. 

The star continued with his chemotherapy last year in September. Moreover, he also informed his fans about the reduction in the tumor size as compared to the starting stage. 

The news about his cancer shocked not only him but also all his friends, family, and fans. In March 2020, the actor withstood one long year with his fight against cancer.  In fact, the likelihood of his survival was only 18% during this year. 

What are the statements given by Alex in this reverence? 

Alex claimed that he was sustaining a rapid comeback with the positive wishes of his family, colleagues, and fans. 

His confidence in himself has led him on this long-surviving journey. However, the only sorrow is the fact that the situation would have been different if he would have found it in the early stage. 

Moreover, this disease has also taught him various lessons with which he is currently making people aware of the symptoms and remedy for the disease. 

George Alexander Trebek

In a statement, he also claimed that the virus wasn’t that much deadly in comparison with the therapy sessions he had to go through. 

Our prayers are always with Alex, and hopefully, the actor would stand up with the best results soon. 

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