Netflix will bring season 3 of The Punisher!! Know all the updates about it here!!

The Punisher is an amazing show which gains so many positive reactions. But the ending of This show has been decided. There is a bad news for The Punisher fans. The Bad news is that Netflix will not do any streaming of upcoming parts of the series.

The Punisher, The Punisher 3, Netflix

The Second season of the show was premiered on Netflix in this January. After the premiere of second season, there has been lot of expectation related to the returning of the third season of The Punisher. But Netflix has ended this series.

But Disney+ occurred as a Knight and Hero to the fans of The Punisher. Nowadays Marvel has been owned by Disney+. Probably, this might be the probability that Disney+ will bring back the third season of The Punisher.

The Punisher 3:- release date

As the news updated that Netflix will not streams any upcoming season of the show. There is not any official announcement by Production team related to the release date of the show. At this point of time, it is very difficult to assume the release date of the third season.

Who will be in the list of casts?

The Punisher, The Punisher 3, Netflix

As there is not any news update about the release date. We can expect that the casts will be the same as of the previous Season. The main characters will be return from previous season:-

  • John Bethnal will play the role of Frank Castle.
  • Josh Stewart will be as Anny Bendix.
  • Ben Barnes will be as Billy Russow.


The Punisher 3:- plot

The story of the story revolve around the main character named Frank Castle. He is a excheif of the Force Recon Marine and he is with amazing shooting skills.

The group of goons takes their revenge by killing his family members. But Frank decides to search all the goons and culprits who were responsible in his family murder.