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PLAG : 32% – Everything you need to know about American Gods Season 3!

American gods undoubtedly made their place in the top list of Starz television series. These fantasy series bring the immigrants, gods, fighting with the new ones.

The series is loosely based on a book written by Neil Gaiman under the same name. The first season of the series made its debut in 2017, and in 3 years, two seasons were released. The series quickly became popular and got a good fanbase within no time.

The plot mainly revolves around the fight between old god and new gods. The first debut season was quite popular and got good reviews from viewers and critics. But the second season bagged mixed reviews but didn’t lose any of its fans. Now all the fans are eagerly waiting for season 3.

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American Gods Season 3 – release date:

the first season of this fantasy series was released back in 2017 with eight episodes. Following the next season, the plot moves forward with ten episodes released in 2019. so we can reasonably expect the next season to have ten episodes.

The producers confirmed the third season after the airing of the second season, and production began in October 2019. for now, there is no official announcement of the release date, and we don’t have confirmation about the production work. So we can expect the series to air any time between late 2020 – 2021.

Season 3 Cast:

the main cast of upcoming seasons are Ricky Whittle as the convict and bodyguard of Mr.Wednesday Shadow Moon, Emily Browning acts as shadow moons wife laura Moon, Ian McShane plays as God Odin, Mr. Wednesday. Yetide Badaki as Queen Sheba Godesses of love, Bruce Langley as the character God of Tech. Omid acts as Salim, a Muslim man from Oman, Crispin as leader of a new god.


Expected Plotline For Season 3:

in the conclusion of last season, the plot follows the conflict between new gods and the old gods. The lead character, shadow moon now bodyguard of Mr. Wednesday involves in the strife of gods.

In season 3, we can expect the shadow moon to move to a new place with a new identity to avoid the fight between new gods. So it revolves around his story and struggles.

You can watch American gods exclusively on amazon prime and disney+.

Watch season 1 trailer here.