Kattar vs Ige’ play-by-play updates given for UFC on ESPN 13, read to find out more about live stream results

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is all set to kick off its Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event on ESPN 13, topped through a featherweight headliner featuring difficult-hitting contenders Calvin Kattar and Dan Ige. The action got …

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is all set to kick off its Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event on ESPN 13, topped through a featherweight headliner featuring difficult-hitting contenders Calvin Kattar and Dan Ige.

The action got underway on Wed., July 15, 2020, on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Besides, both airing on ESPN and ESPN+, we noticed flyweight veteran Tim Elliott getting returned into the win column towards the difficult and hard Ryan Benoit. In addition to this, longtime bantamweight banger, Jimmie Rivera, jumps up in weight to tangle with Cody Stamann in a featured featherweight fight.

Calvin Kattar bloodies up Dan Ige | UFC on ESPN 13- MMA at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE

In Round 1, each man moves in the early going. The score is 2-3 from Ige. Edge goes to the frame. One minute in and the 2-three factor falls brief. The rating then changes to 1-3 after a low kick. Edge blocks a left hook. Not many moves returned from Kattar yet. Now a jab lands for him. Ige attempts some jabs two minutes later. Ige’s frame is met with the aid of a counter left. Kattar sends a right pass uppercut flying closer to Ige. He returns it with a heavy counter-frame shot and avoids a takedown. This results in losing a few difficult shots when Ige turns his back. Kattar attempts to land a body shot as Ige stands. The clock shows there are two mins to go.

Kattar sends in a flying kick. The counter right move lands proper across for Ige, who answers a quick proper with a frame shot. Kattar catches a kick and spins Ige to the mat, just missing with a pile-driver right. Both rip the body as Ige stands with a minute to go. A facet kick lands for Kattar. He tries a blend. Kattar steps in with a left hook and receives cracked by way of a counter proper. He opens up at the bell. Close round. Kattar ratings 10-9.

Round 2 witnesses the players going back to a tentative start, Ige attempts a two-piece and lands a tough frame shot. Jabs from Kattar. One minute in, Ige falls quick with some combinations. Counter combination lands for Kattar, who eats a leg kick. Two mins in, Ige lands a frame shot, and they alternate left hooks. Kattar’s nostril is bothering him after that hook. Two minutes to go.
Heavy low-high hooks by Ige. Lots of feints for the next few mins. One minute to go. Ige goes again to the frame with a left hook up top. Kattar sends in a counter combination, and eats a left hook, with a flying knee that just misses. Kattar comes on aggressively in the waning seconds, and can’t get anything going. The score is now 10-nine for Ige.

Round 3 is seen with an early exchange. Edge tries a frame kick. Low kick, with the aid of Kattar, makes the frame shot land inside. One minute in, Ige leg kicks. Both land in combination. Hard two-piece lands for Ige. A-frame shot, and double jab comes from Kattar. Two mins in, masses of feints, and now not much clean touch early in this minute. A few glancing blows from Kattar lands on Ige to the frame. Hard frame shot by using Kattar at the counter, and he denies a take-down. Two mins to go.

Kattar 1-2 simply misses. Ige lands a right to the frame, and they change leg kicks. Image 1-2. Stiff jab lands from Kattar, and then a tough mixture. Edge attempts to come returned to the frame and eats a left hook. The clock is ticking with just one minute to go. Leg kick and tight uppercut from Kattar lands on Ige as he leans in. Ige’s right eye looks like it’s been in rough shape for multiple rounds. Kattar may be visible with a reduction as well. 10-9 Kattar in a close one.

In Round 4, Ige fires a right downstairs and sends out some jabs. An excellent entry, denied by a Whizzer. A nasty right move is sent by Kattar, which Ige tanks. 3-2 lands clean. Edge attempts to shoot, however, is pressured to his lower back. One minute in, and hard elbows from Kattar, who disengages. Low-high 2-3 by Ige. Kattar, persevering with to advance, sends out his jab. Two mins in and Ige attempts a Superman punch and eats a leg kick. A stiff jab catches Ige throwing. More jabs from Kattar land at him. Two minutes to go.

A low kick from Kattar. Another to the interior and Ige comes back with an overhand proper. He lands a difficult hook to the frame. One more tough, low kick catches Ige in an ungainly spot and knocks him over for a moment. One minute to go on the clock. A combination of lands for Kattar. Hard leg kick and Left hook from Ige, as he eats every other leg kick. Ige shoots but is easily denied. Kattar chases and lands a spinning back kick. 10-9 for Kattar now.

Round 5: Hard counter body shot from Kattar results in sending out jabs. Edge attempts a 1-2, Kattar responds in kind. Ige whiffs on a body shot and eats a difficult proper move for his trouble. One minute in. He slips, throwing a wheel kick and eats a 1-2, coming lower back with a proper to the body. More jabs are thrown in through Kattar. A low kick lands, and he blocks an overhand right. Another low kick with two mins in. Edge tries to double up the right hand. Body photographs are exchanged over again, as Kattar steps in. Age catches a kick, however it fails to get the take-down—clock showing two minutes to go.

A low kick from Kattar, 1-2 from Ige sends the alternative body below. Another body blow. Kattar puts him on the fence, seems to land interior for a moment. Ige lands a transferring left with most effective one minute to go. Back to the body as Kattar sends in extra jabs. Ige shoots, stuffed, and lands a leg kick. Kattar lands with a knee and a flying one, as the spherical ends catching Ige off guard. It later ends the round bombing from Ige’s guard. The match ends; 10-9 Kattar.

Final result: Kattar defeated Ige with the aid of unanimous decision.